Best Email Marketing Services to increase your sales? Comparison, Steps & Hacks 2

Best Email Marketing Services to increase your sales? Comparison, Steps & Hacks

Most people would think email marketing services as dead or unreliable in today’s time. However, let me clear things out for you. Email marketing drives customer engagement as well as build and grows strong customer relationships like no other channel of distribution. For most of the growing or new firms, an email service provider focusing on increasing your conversions through its tools is one of the key intakes for a marketer.

Email marketing not only helps in reaching out to a large customer base but also acts as an effective way of converting leads into actual customers. We all are aware of email marketing, but do you know what does an email marketing service do? Well, it makes your email marketing process simple. Email marketing service helps in enhancing and streamlining the communication through email which is possible due to the capabilities which help in identifying leads and make an actual purchase to those leads.

What is an Email Marketing Service?

All the functionalities that improve or streamline your email marketing are called Email Marketing Services. There are a number of characteristics which sometimes depend on the chosen service. Majorly, the services are related to Campaigns, general communication, monitoring, automation, integration and many more. Most of the Email Marketing Services have alike features, hence, the role of choosing the correct software for email marketing can be quite cumbersome.

Importance of Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Service has become one of the most critical parts of businesses helping them to function in the industry. These services enable the businesses in creating a long-lasting impact on the purchasing behaviour of audiences and develops and nurtures the relationship through strong communication. Also, a wide range of audience having different interests can be catered to through ESP having features such as Automation, landing pages, A/B testing, personalization etc.

Let’s dive into best Email Marketing Services which complements your brand personality and your business needs.

Best Email Marketing Services

  1. SendinBlue (Recommended – 9000 free emails every month)
  2. Constant Contact (Recommended – 10,000 free emails every month)
  3. Aweber
  4. Get Response
  5. Elastic Email
  6. Omnisend
  7. Hubspot
  8. Campaign Monitor
  9. Moosend
  10. Ontraport



sendinblue logo

Here are some of the things that we have covered about SendinBlue on our site-

  1. SendinBlue Honest Detailed Review By
  2. SendinBlue Vs Mailchimp Comparison
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If you are a marketer, you would have surely heard the name Sendinblue. Sendinblue is an email marketing software where you can create your own content using its drag-and-drop feature. The company offers its users numerous responsive email templates to choose from and create magical content. The company provides more than 100 responsive email templates giving users a chance o choose from a diverse pool of templates as per their campaign.

Sendinblue Pricing

The free trial offered by Sendinblue lets users send 300 emails per day free of cost. SendinBlue offers you free 9000 emails per month forever. Isn’t it exciting!! Sendinblue Starter Pricing Plan is best for growing businesses which comes at a price of $25. The most popular pricing plan is the Business plan where 20k to 1M emails can be sent out monthly at a price of $65. For a detailed pricing plan, click here.

Sendinblue Pricing Plan

Sendinblue Features

There are many features which an individual/business can look out for in Sendinblue. Some are discussed below

Effective Drag & Drop Editor

The drag & drop editor of Sendinblue helps in creating attractive and creative email/SMS campaigns. You can edit, insert as well as customize the templates as per your convenience. Professional looking and responsive email templates are created which not only helps in creating brand value. Below is an example of an Event template where all the relevant information is published in a creative way. All the upcoming events information is also given to the audiences.

Marketing Automation

Through marketing automation feature of SendinBlue, tasks can be automated by stating the email workflow automation. Actions are triggered when the conditions, as well as predefined rules, are met. Sendinblue provides its users with the feature of marketing automation for organizing lists having many contacts, updating information, sending creative and informative emails and many more. If you are curious about how email automation works here is an article for you

Transactional Email

Have you ever wondered how you click on change password or while signing up on a new website and you get an email within seconds in your account. These emails are known as transactional email which are automatically sent when certain specified criteria is met. Sendinblue helps in blacklisting a particular contact which results in decreasing the spam score that led to hard bounces. Learn more about sendinblue transactional email feature here

If you want to learn how to send your transactional email’s using Sendinblue WordPress Plugin for free every month.

Real-Time Reporting

Sendinblue provides real-time reports of all the relevant data such as rate of clicking, opening as well as unsubscribers. The report is generated for every email where you can have a look at how many subscribers actually clicked/opened the link and even you can see whether your mail was sent in the spam folder or not. Here is the article how you can review your campaign reports in sendinblue

Learn what is RSS Feed & how to use RSS Feed to increase your traffic – Automate your Blog updates through RSS Feed (Steps included)

Constant Contact

Best Email Marketing Services to increase your sales? Comparison, Steps & Hacks 3

Another name in the email marketing tool industry is Constant Contact which is also one of the best providers of SMTP service. Click to know about what is SMTP server? The email marketing services provided by Constant Contact are surely a lookout. One of the email marketing services provided by the firm is responsive email templates where the layout of the email is adjusted automatically on different screen sizes thereby giving a pleasant view of the campaign or newsletters.

Here are some of the things we have covered about Constant Contact on our site-

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  2. Constant Contact Features
  3. Constant Contact Automation
  4. Constant contact vs Mailchimp
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  6. Constant Contact Coupon – Get 20% Off

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact provides its users to avail of its services for a month free of cost. The Core pricing plan starts at $9.99/mo which lets you send unlimited emails to 500 contacts and extends to $45/mo in the Plus pricing plan. The prices of both plans are based on the total contacts. Read in detail the pricing plans offered by Constant Contact.

Constant Contact Pricing
Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact Features

Let’s look into the amazing features offered by Constant Contact to its users:

Email Marketing Automation

For every business, it is necessary to keep their targeted audiences not only engaged but also build a loyal relationship with them. This is possible through Email Marketing Automation. You can send triggered email series, emails for welcoming subscribers, contact segmentation, and sending emails again to the non-opener client base. Constant Contact offers Holiday email, announcement, sales email, and thank you email templates among many others. Below is one such example of a Holiday Email template. You can personalize it as and when required and include all the relevant content. You can read about the constant contact email marketing automation feature here.

Best Email Marketing Services to increase your sales? Comparison, Steps & Hacks 4


Constant Contact offers smart tools for building and growing online store by Constant Contact. It is one of the finest email marketing tools around the globe, where leads can be turned into trustworthy customers. The eCommerce tools offered by the firm helps the business to regenerate sales through segmented emails.

Social Marketing

Social marketing has become one of the key areas for generating sales. With email marketing service of Constant Contact, you can have a look at the campaign’s performance, modify the campaigns and also respond to the messages or comments. Your campaigns can be optimized with the help of various metrics which enables in creating brand awareness and sales.

Contact List Management

With the help of contact list management, you can manage the contacts having different interests and preferences and focus on them particularly. Also, contacts can be updated from Salesforce, Excel and even Outlook. Through social media also, the contact list can be added.

Click here to read about the features of Constant Contact.

Quality Over Quantity, Emails may be cost effective but it's no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a quality audience – Benjamin Murray Share on X


Aweber logo

Aweber is another platform that provides necessary email marketing services to your small and medium-sized businesses. The templates offered by Aweber allow you to modify the content per your ideas thereby suiting your brand personality. You can find a variety of templates that fulfill Basic, Holiday, Occasion, and many more purposes.

Aweber Pricing

Aweber offers you a free trial that extends to 500 subscribers and 3,000 emails/mo can be sent. The Pro Pricing Plan when billed annually prices for $16.15/mo. Also, there is no limit to subscribers, emails, and list profiles in the Pro pricing plan. Check out the plans and features offered in those plans by clicking here.

Aweber Features

Below are the few features offered by Aweber:

Marketing automation

The feature of email marketing automation offered by Aweber helps in tagging the prospective/actual customers automatically in lists. This helps in focusing on the right targeted customers through personalized content.

The creative email templates offered by Aweber helps in luring audiences and making a strong impact on their minds. The below template offered by Aweber is an example of Sale email template. The color and design goes with the message of the email. You can include all the relevant information and make prospective customers to purchase your product.

Best Email Marketing Services to increase your sales? Comparison, Steps & Hacks 5

Analysis and reports

Aweber offers pre-built reports where the outcomes of the marketing can be analyzed. Through dashboards and reports, meaningful insights can be generated and adapted in your marketing efforts as the performance indicators can be easily interpreted.

Landing Pages

If you are worried about the cost of hiring a coder for managing your landing pages and email templates, then stop wasting your time around this. The issue is resolved by Aweber where customized landing pages as well as email templates can be designed without worrying about coding.



Another name in the market among email marketing platforms is GetResponse. It offers around 500 HTML templates to the users from which they can create attractive and persuasive emails which not only gain customer attention but also are informative. The templates vary from Online Marketing to Fitness & Wellness, Travel, Health, Beauty, Retail, and E-commerce many more. Below are a few designs of the templates which definitely give a funky and cool vibe.

Getresponse email template

GetResponse Pricing

For new users, GetResponse offers them with a trial plan for 30 days free of cost. The Email marketing plan has a list size of 1000 at only $15.58/mo. The marketing automation plan starts at $48.38/mo whereas the e-commerce marketing plan starts at $97.58/mo. As you go with higher plans, users can access news features that will further help them in reaching out to their customer base more effectively. Check out the prices here.

GetResponse Features

Let’s look into the few amazing features offered by the firm:

Email Marketing

It is important to cater your contacts with the right email type at the right time. The tools offered by GetResponse focuses on customized newsletters, autoresponders, blog digests and many more when the prospective/actual customers are most active. You can also track the campaign results and check the email comparisons, bounces, opens, clicks and even other stats in mobile view. Click here to know more about GetResponse Email Marketing feature.

Conversion Funnel

Another feature offered by the GetReponse email marketing platform is Conversion Funnel. The sales funnel is not only ready for use but also automated which helps in building landing pages, selling the services/products, automating emails, and recovering the abandoned carts thereby converting leads into actual customers. Lead Funnel helps in growing as well as nurturing the audience whereas the Webinar Funnel focuses on sharing and monetizing the business expertise.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation helps in delivering automatically not only the relevant emails but also experiences. Through this, your business can save resources, convert leads by applying scores/tags for accurate segmentation and can look into the products/services that customers are buying or even those who are vising the website. Click to read what is email automation?

Elastic Email

elastic mail logo
elastic mail logo

Elastic Email is another name in the industry of email marketing. They offer a number of email marketing services through SMTP relay, HTTP API along with User Interface which includes a number of tools/features for managing contacts, templates, newsletters, campaigns as well as reports thereby delivering creative and innovative transactional/marketing emails. Check out the awesome newsletters examples.

Elastic Email Pricing

Elastic Email offers Email Marketing pricing plans for businesses having different needs. The Unlimited Pricing plans start at $15/mo for 5,000 contacts to $1500/mo for 1000000 contacts. The Unlimited Pro pricing plan starts at $50/mo for up to 10,000 contacts, where all the features of the unlimited plan along with new features such as email automation, and unlimited custom fields among others can be used. Check out for yourself, the pricing plan for API and transactional emails.

Elastic Email Features

Some of the features are listed below:


Elastic Email offers a variety of beautiful email templates for everyone. I am pretty sure you will surely find something that interests you. There are 100+ templates which helps you in creating magical content. Elastic Email also offers forms of templates for your businesses.

Best Email Marketing Services to increase your sales? Comparison, Steps & Hacks 6

Email Marketing

The Elastic Email is a email marketing services helps in reaching out to the customer base and establish a loyal customer relationship with them. You can designs campaigns and emails along with setting autoresponders. Click to learn more about what are autoresponders and how to use them.


Security has become one of the major concern for virtual businesses. With the increase in frauds, identity theft and hacking, businesses want to be ensured that there data is secured. Elastic Email offers its clients security through two-factor authentication. You can also read our article about the most secure email providers around the globe.

Click here to know how free transactional emails can be sent using Elastic Email in WordPress


Omnisend logo

Omnisend is another eCommerce platform for marketing automation that focuses on growing eCommerce businesses. Omnisend believes that both customers and marketers, especially eCommerce companies should have a pleasant experience. It is important to market personalized content to the right individual through the right channel and at the right time.

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend offers a free trial to the users for them to experiment with different price plans and choose the best plan for their brand where 15,000 emails can be sent every month free of cost. The Standard Plan starts at $16/mo for up to 500 contacts and 6,000 emails. The best value pricing plan is the Pro plan which costs $59/mo (all features) whereas the Enterprise plan has Custom Pricing.

Omnisend Features

Let’s look into some of the features which differentiates Omnisend from its competitors:

Omnichannel marketing

Campaigns solely working on an email basis are not enough in the dynamic marketing world. Audiences are looking for brands that can offer them an omnichannel experience. Businesses associated with Omnisend that have adopted more than 2 marketing channels in their automation have seen almost 250% more purchases as compared with campaigns marketed through a single channel. Notifications on Facebook Messenger, SMS or through push notifications can be integrated in marketing channels.

Omnisend template making

The above image reflects the content in progress. You can look at varied options offered by Omisend to improve your conversions through email marketing services. To attract customers and lure them to purchase a product, various videos, gift box, scratch card can be added in your content. I think Omnisend is definitely giving worth a shot. What do you think?

Email Marketing

The best email marketing platform helps in pushing business and growing it. With amazing templates, you can create stunning emails quickly and customize them as per your brand’s need. Through Product Picker feature, products can be added directly and discount codes can be auto-generated which can be synced with the business platform thereby improving CTR and saving time. Read about Email marketing feature of Omnisend here.


Through Omnisend segmentation, audiences can be filtered out through purchase behaviour and also transactional events. Also, the subscribers can be segmented into most engaged, inactive or new email subscribers which helps in targeting the audience accordingly. Also, weekly deals and interesting campaigns can engage even lapsed customers.

You must wonder why email bounces off when you have done everything right? Read are email address case sensitive to find whether CAPS can be one of its reason.


Hubspot logo

HubSpot is another name in the market for the best email marketing service in town. It offers a platform where resources, as well as support, is given to businesses for improving customer relationships. The company focuses on marketing, CRM software, sales, and customer service.

HubSpot Pricing Plan

The Starter marketing pricing plan offered by HubSpot starts at $45/mo for 1000 contacts. The Professional plan starts at $800/mo for 2000 contacts which go to $3600/mo in an Enterprise plan for 10,000 contacts. In all of the HubSpot plans you’ll get 10% off on annual purchases, this way you’ll save a lot.

HubSpot Features

Some of the HubSpot features are listed below:

Inbound software for marketing

HubSpot helps in creating amazing contents quickly and without the need of developers in a responsive manner where visitors can check out your content in any device. A content strategy can be created with the help of SEO suggestions. Running A/B tests for converting leads to conversions through landing pages.

Sales software

HubSpot email marketing services enables businesses to look who visited the website, pages clicked, how many times prospects visited the website. Also, personalized reminders and email sequences can be created along with setting a schedule and sending follow up messages to them.

If you are looking for conversions by providing email marketing services, you surely are on the right platform. The below social media template example reflects Hubspot’s innovative templates for social media platforms like Instagram. You can add the customer reviews, introduce new products and introduce new blogs to the audiences thereby improving your conversion rates.

Best Email Marketing Services to increase your sales? Comparison, Steps & Hacks 7


CMS is a new feature added by HubSpot where flexible content and themes can be built by developers. Pages can be easily created and edited by the marketers. Also, personalized experience is given to customers. You can also make most use of the Adaptive testing where 5 page variations can be chosen and the option with best performance will be saved. Alternatively, you can also use a DXP like Experro which also provides CMS with marketing automation

Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor logo

Campaign Monitor is a platform for email marketing that empowers non-profits, media moguls, and technology giants by offering them email marketing services through which they have given 250,000 customers varied resources and tools for creating mesmerizing emails and making long-lasting impressions.

Campaign Monitor Pricing

Campaign Monitor offers an amazing pricing plan starting at $9/mo among the email platforms available, where 2500 emails can be sent across campaigns. The Unlimited plan starts at $29/mo where unlimited emails can be sent out. And the Premier plan starts at $149/mo where unlimited emails can be sent along with the feature of link tracking, Send-time optimization, and many more new features. All these plans have a contact list size of 500.

Campaign Monitor Features

Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor understands the need for sending personalized campaigns at the right audience. Segments can be created which are data driven and can be integrated in business apps such as Shopify, Facebook, WordPress, Salesforce and many more. You can try the send times, subject lines, message length, images, revisit them, make changes and try again until you create a successful email.

Campaign Monitor offers different variety of templates. If your are focusing on creating different responsive emails catering to events, holidays, announcements and many more, Campaign Monitor ensures that every need of your business is met. Below are few examples of templates which you can try out at no cost.

Campaign monitor templates

Marketing Automation

Campaign Monitor offers journey designer where customer journeys are created. Also, triggers are set and email is sent out auto-generated when the audiences meet the predefined criteria. Also, the timing of the email received is of great importance in email marketing. This is taken care of by the Timing features of Campaign Monitor.

Drip marketing campaign includes Email autoresponders, transactional emails and email marketing automation.


Real-time outcomes can be seen with the dashboards provided by Campaign Monitor which covers automated journeys, campaigns, transactional emails etc. Reports can be seen for clicks, bounces, opens and shares which can be used in sending email to different audiences. A wholesome view of your marketing program can be seen which includes the campaign-wise engagement, acquisition as well as geography which will help you in improving email strategy.



Moosend is one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies. It is a complete package and offers all the essentials at reasonable prices. Email automation is easy to do. Support is good. You can send UNLIMITED free emails to 1,000 subscribers the pricing starts at just $7 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

Moosend Pricing

Moosend only provides 1 plan which is its pro plan starts at approximately $7/mo for up to 500 subscribers with unlimited emails in a yearly plan. It also has a 30-day free trial where you can try out all its features and more. However, you won’t be able to use SMTP Server and Transactional Emails in the free plan.

Moosend Features

Let’s have a look below at the features offered by iContact:

A/B split testing

With A/B split testing, the right content can be sent every time to the customers. Businesses can test color schemes, subject lines of emails, layouts as well as incentives. Also, the tester helps businesses in deciding which audience segment should be subjected to which test. Such tests help in personalizing the email content sent to different audience segments.


We all are aware that automated campaigns are the key to differentiating ourselves from competitors. iContact has designated teams for helping its users and the Strategic Services team is allocated for Automation issues. In the Pro pricing plan, the Smart Sending feature allows the best time to be determined by iContact. At this time, automated messages are sent to subscribers when there is a high open rate.

Click here to visit iContact and look for mesmerizing designs which blend perfectly with your brand.

Subscriber Management

Subscriber management is as important as acquiring new customers. Through subscriber management, the customer life cycle can be created which includes the acquisition of customers to their retention. You can also sync your subscriber’s data with iContact’s deliverability team for ensuring that a correct and powerful subscriber list is maintained.


Ontraport logo

Entrepreneurs and small businesses face resource crunch which burdens them to compromise with one thing or another. Ontraport support such businesses by providing them technology so that the business offerings can be delivered to outside world. The company focuses on customer support which distinguishes them with the other numerous businesses in the same industry. Ontraport offers a centralized and user friendly platform for running a smooth business and providing seamless experience to the customers. Ontraport offers one of the best email marketing services to its users for a memorable experience which helps them grow and thrive in the industry.

Ontraport Pricing

Ontraport offers a 14-day free trial in which you can pick the most suitable plan later. The Basic Pricing plan starts at $24/mo with 500 contacts. The Plus pricing plan costs $83 for 500 contacts. The most popular plan is Pro pricing plan which costs $124/mo with 500 contacts. And the Enterprise pricing plan costs $249/mo with 500 contacts. Ontraport also offers custom pricing to businesses having approximately 5 million contacts also. The company has everything for everyone. You won’t be disappointed!!! All of this pricing is based annually and you’ll get some legit 15-17% discount and 2 months free.

Ontraport Features

Below are some of the features offered by Ontraport:

Email Marketing

Ontraport believes in sending personalized emails with high delivery rates thereby ensuring email campaigns are targeted towards the right audience. Businesses can identify those contacts which are inactive or stale and helps in removing them by bounce rate. Marketing results can be easily tracked due to tracking options offered by Ontraport.

Click here for A complete guide to your email marketing strategy in 2020.

Marketing Automation

Ontraport campaign builder provides a number of templates which can be personalized and targeted to the audiences accordingly. Ontraport offers integrated CRM platform along with best deliverability, thereby giving small businesses a chance to function like an enterprise level business at a very minimal email marketing cost.

Ontraport has created different email templates which varies from one business strategy to another. Below is one such email template “Framed” which focuses on businesses showing visuals. It is the most popular template which allows you to display the images of the products clearly.

Ontraport template

Business Process Automation

The business process automation of Ontraport helps businesses to automate audiences, actual customer, partner communications etc in a single solution thereby saving resources, time and creating a memorable customer experience. Automated, as well as manual tasks, can be integrated, hence, human interaction can be blended with automated processes.

Opt the best Email Marketing Service

We have discussed many platforms providing amazing free Email Marketing Services at your disposal. Every platform has something for you to try which extends from numerous creative templates, best marketing automation, customer service or CRM. You can try out them and choose the best one which reflects your brand personality. You can compare the prices and features before opting for a plan. Start with a free email marketing platform and explore a different world for your business.

How do I send email marketing campaigns?

You can start a business with an email marketing campaign by building a targeted list of email and understanding your audience. You can then start creating your campaign by using technologies offered by different best email marketing platforms.

What is the best email marketing service?

Some of the best email marketing services are provided by Sendinblue, Constant Contact, Aweber, Hubspot, Omnisend among many others. You can try different platforms and then pick the email marketing provider which suits your needs perfectly.

What is an Email Marketing Service?

All the functionalities that improve or streamline your email marketing are called Email Marketing Services. There are a number of characteristics which sometimes depend on the chosen service. Majorly, the services are related to Campaigns, general communication, monitoring, automation, integration and many more. Most of the Email Marketing Services have alike features, hence, the role of choosing the correct software for email marketing can be quite cumbersome.

Best email marketing companies?

Top email marketing companies are Sendinblue, Getresponse, Omnisend, aweber, constant contact


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