A Comprehensive Guide to Clevereach Pricing

In this article, we will discuss CleverReach and provide our honest opinion on the service. Since it was first introduced to the public, it has had a tremendous expansion, particularly in the market for email marketing automation.

In addition, it provides services such as landing pages, email funnels, SMS marketing, and other similar services. CleverReach is already listed among the leading competitors in the European market for do-it-yourself email marketing solutions. 

The efficiency and user-friendliness of the software used by CleverReach® have won over more than 300,000 clients in 170 different countries, making the company one of the most successful email marketing suppliers.

Since its inception in 2007, CleverReach® has prioritized maintaining strict data privacy standards, going above and above what is required by law.

A Comprehensive Guide to Clevereach Pricing 1

Plans of Cleverreach

  • Lite Plan:- the free pricing plan for testing purposes and for novices with a small number of receivers.
  • Essential Plan:- Ideal for automated email sending and routine transmissions
  • Flex Plan:- a limit on emails sent at once. Available for a one-time booking or regularly
  • Enterprise Plan:- Maximum number of emails that may be sent per month to big teams and agencies with a high flow of mail
A Comprehensive Guide to Clevereach Pricing 2

Most Important Features of CleverReach®

  • Easily design and send email newsletters using the multipurpose editors provided for the newsletters (e.g., newsletter or classic editor).
  • Free responsive templates that may be customized for any field or purpose.
  • Follow-up emails, autoresponders, emails sent to customers whose shopping carts were abandoned, and much more: With the help of the automation tool THEA, you can quickly establish automated processes for newsletters.
  • Create distinct subgroups of your receivers using tags and information about the customers.
  • Signup and unsubscribe forms that need a double opt-in are GDPR compliant.
  • Email Marketing that is compliant with GDPR and built to the highest security requirements in Germany.
  • Free Help and Support.
  • Always the most appropriate pricing plan: individualized, changeable at any moment, and free of long-term commitments – Scales for both small and large contact lists, including flex for infrequent senders, vital for consistent senders, and Enterprise for major players.

Lots of additional features: Blacklist Check, A/B Split Tests, Design & Spam Tests, image processing RSS-Feeds, dynamic content, Import options, automatic bounce and unsubscribe management, personalized newsletter delivery, Social Media Integration, Reporting & Tracking (open, click, and unsubscribe rate tracking), Google Analytics Integration, Conversion Tracking, Lifecycle Email Marketing, Allowlisting, CSA – Certified Senders Alliance, Newsletter Client Testing, SPF – Senders Policy Framework, Email Authen White

CleverReach Building Good Connections

In comparison to other marketing tools, newsletters are an excellent and cost-effective approach to communicating with and staying in contact with your customers.

Workflows may be developed with CleverReach by employing the THEA automation center; unfortunately, they are treated as separate entities from conventional campaigns.

Purchases, however, may be integrated into several different processes and other features, such as follow-up campaigns and tagging.

CleverReach Adding Contacts feature

It has never been simpler to get in touch with the appropriate individuals. You can connect with decision-makers and other influential people at businesses of any size with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Because they are always adding new contacts, the information on your list will never become current or insufficient.

But with so many individuals to engage with at each organization, how can you be certain that you are establishing relationships with those most significant? Because of this, the power search feature is really helpful.

It allows you to restrict your results by over ten criteria, such as the job title, the industry, and the organization’s size.

CleverReach Pricing

Cleverreach Pricing

You may utilize the free Lite Plan provided by CleverReach, which enables you to send up to 1,000 emails each month to a maximum of 250 recipients. Unlimited email sending is available in the basic Plan, which supports up to 250 recipients.

This package is ideal for email automation because of its premium features.

You can send an infinite number of emails with the CleverReach Essential Plan. You may send emails to up to 250 recipients using an unconstrained email-sending method. This Plan is an outstanding method for automating email; it contains premium features.

The Flex Plan has a recurring cost of 24 euros per month and a one-time charge of 44 euros. You will get a discount of fifty percent off your monthly cost for sending up to one thousand emails.

With this subscription, you may send emails to an unlimited number of recipients, and you can also retain access to all of your previous messages. Additionally, it comes with premium features, just as the other plans do.

CleverReach has a plan called Enterprise, which allows users to send up to 300,000 emails and has no limit on the number of people who may be receivers of those emails. In addition, there is a restriction on the number of new emails that may be sent each month, and this Plan does not include any premium features.


CleverReach is a good option for customers who send a small number of emails and those who send a huge number of emails due to the extensive feature set offered. Working with this mailing tool is a pleasant and uncomplicated experience.

There are a few things that are very evident to need adjustments, such as the forms that are not responsive and the fact that the editor may sometimes behave in a rather clumsy manner (although nothing too terrible).

However, compared to other comparable newsletter software, CleverReach’s pricing point is much more than its competitors.

On the other hand, the THEA email automation module is interesting since it enables users to build up automated campaigns from a workflow perspective. This is one of the many reasons why this module is so intriguing.

CleverReach’s deliverability has increased to the point where it came in first place in the most recent test was another thing that made us very happy.

Is there a setup fee?

No! Signing up won’t cost you a thing, and you can immediately begin using the free service!

How is the Essential calculated?

Calculations for the Essential Plan consider an account’s total number of active recipients across all lists. In this computation, bounced and unsubscribed emails are not taken into account.

Can I cancel my Plan at any time?

Yes. You will find a simple option to terminate your current pricing plan within the options. You have the option of providing feedback in the form of a reason for unsubscribing from the newsletter.

Do I have to enter my payment details when registering?

No. You may also join CleverReach without submitting your financial information and begin using it at no cost. Your payment information is required only if you decide to upgrade to a premium plan inside your account.