Kartra Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons, and more (All in One)

Kartra Review

Free Trial: ($1 for 14 days)

Ease of use




Customer support


Split Testing




Value For Money



  • Easy To Setup
  • Great Email Delivery
  • All in One Platform
  • Great Premade Templates
  • Automatically Tag Your Buyers
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee


  • Limited Integrations
  • Navigation Issues for Some People

Karta is one of the underrated email marketing platforms with outstanding features, that you might don’t know about.

It is fully automatic which helps save time and earn more. It also assists in managing the entire customer database seamlessly.

A cloud-based system that helps in the development, marketing initiatives, eCommerce platforms management, rollout, and help desk portals for enterprises.

Additionally, it enables businesses to construct customized websites utilizing drag-and-drop features and editable templates.

Today we’re going over Kartra’s features, pricing, integration, and other aspects so you can decide whether the platform is ideal for your company or not.

Let’s get it started.

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Kartra Review: Everything For Your Business

Kartra Review: homepage

Kartra is more than just an email marketing tool. 

It includes hosting, email marketing, video and webinar production, shopping cart validation, split testing, and loads of other helpful tools.

Kartra was founded in California in 2018. 

You might don’t know but it is an effective sales funnel builder for marketing, selling, and providing online services. 

It’s the right solution for you if your company is divided into various sectors and you do not want to combine numerous systems.

Kartra provides you with everything you need to sell your goods or services, regardless of the sector you’re in.

Let’s have a deeper understanding of Kartra because not many people are familiar with it.

What Is Kartra?: Everything You Need To Know

Kartra is a completely integrated platform, which means that every element of the program functions in concert to guarantee the smooth operation of your company.

As we already mentioned, it offers everything you need to start an online business, from email marketing to webinars, cart checkout options, and more.

All of which perfectly integrate with one another.

One helpful feature of Kartra Mail is its ability to automatically add users to your mailing list after they submit a Kartra form.

How cool is that, isn’t it?

Don’t forget that it’s a cloud-based platform that keeps all of your company’s confidential information safe and secure.

The best thing about Kartra is that once you start using it, there’s no need to download anything else, and you’ll always have the most recent version of the platform available.

So now you know what’s Kartra, right?

To discover more about what Kartra has to offer its consumers, let’s go over some of its key features.

Kartra Features: A Comprehensive Marketing Platform To Help You Manage Your Business As Efficiently As Possible

There are way too many features to mention in a single review post, so we’ve hand-picked some of the most helpful features to help you get a better knowledge of the platform.

Kartra Features

Kartra Email Marketing:

Kartra Review: Email Marketing

Now generating quality leads is easy with Kartra mail. 

The four email gateways that Kartra offers are SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail, and Postmark. 

Every Kartra account also includes the SMTP gateway provided by Kartra.

There are plenty of free SMTP servers that are worth checking out.

Kartra offers a number of quality marketing services, including email automation, broadcasts, tagging, and sequences.

You can import leads from a file or manually add them to an email list using Kartra mail.

With only one click, you can send thousands of emails using its broadcast capability. 

Plus, you can broadcast messages using this feature’s SMS functionality.

Additionally, you’ll be able to gather leads, tag prospects, and easily communicate with all of your email list subscribers thanks to Kartra Email’s integrated workflows.

Even for recurrent events, you can copy prior broadcasts and send them to the recipients on your email list.

Trust us, this will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to create new broadcasts every time.

Another great feature is the templates. 

Even if you’re not a skilled copywriter, Karta’s many useful templates make it simple for you to create engaging email copy for your email marketing campaigns.

What Are Some Other Excellent Email Marketing Tools?

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  2. Mailerlite: Email automation builder | Send 12000 free emails every month, up to 1000 contacts | Drag & drop editor | 10 landing pages | Check pricing
  3. AWeber: Web push notifications, Email templates, Drag and drop builder | send free emails, Up to 500 email subscribers | check pricing
  4. ConvertKit: Unlimited landing pages, forms, and broadcasts, Audience tagging and segmentation | Unlimited emails, up to 300 subscribers | Check pricing

Kartra Leads:

Katra Review: Kartra Leads

This one is another useful tool is Kartra Leads.

This is one of Kartra’s most important CRM components, which includes a number of tools.

It creates your customer database and classifies them. Plus, it adds unique tags to separate leads.

Depending on how they interact with your company, you can track their progress and provide them with points/scores.

Kartra integrates everything so that you can see every little detail of the lead. This enables you to attract new leads and serve existing ones more effectively. 

It facilitates the development of stronger client ties.

Katra Leads

Kartra Marketing Campaigns:

This is another key feature. Kartra also allows for the creation of effective marketing campaigns.

In this, If you’re good at technical skills, then you can build campaigns from scratch, or you can use one of Kartra’s convenient predefined campaign templates.

If you’re creating a campaign from start then all of the media you’ve created on the platform will be needed for setup.

But if you’re using a pre-made campaign, then there’s no need for your input.

Kartra will handle everything.

If you decide to import a campaign, it will be added to your Kartra account along with email sequences, product sales funnels, sophisticated automation, and other pertinent elements.

After the campaign has been launched, you can search your account for the relevant assets and make any necessary edits.

Looking For More Marketing Campaign Tools? Checkout Top Campaign Management Tools:

  1. HubSpot: Top campaign management tool | Available to professional plan | 2000 free emails, up to 1000 contacts | Check pricing
  2. Mailchimp: Free plan gets the Campaign Engagement feature | Subject Line Helper | 2500 free emails, up to 500 contacts | Check pricing
  3. Constant Contact: Great campaign management tool with the best features | 60-day free trial | check pricing

Kartra A/B Testing:

Katra Review: A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the awesome features that an email marketing tool must have.

It’s also referred to as Split testing. It is the feature that enables you to produce two somewhat distinct landing pages.

The analysis can then be automated to see which of the two designs performs better.

The platform is very adaptable and enables split testing for even the tiniest component. After analysis, you can decide if you want to change the page entirely, add an element, or remove a video.

In order to better satisfy your customer, you better focus on their preferences.

The platform compares the two pages and offers a detailed report outlining which page performs better and why.

How useful this is.

Kartra Analytics:

Katra Analytics page

Another highly useful yet effective Email marketing tool is Kartra’s analytics which will help you in tracking accurate sales. 

This Kartra’s analytic tool includes a calculator that figures out monthly revenue, annual revenue, and subscriber value.

Also, you can determine the average response time to a customer’s question using the analytics function.

This enables you to effectively manage your business’s time and provide individual client service.

A mailing list with specific tags can be automatically populated with each ticket. You can develop a pattern of inquiries by doing this.

Kartra Pros/Cons:


  • These provide skillfully crafted campaigns to support your marketing efforts, saving you a tonne of work.
  • You don’t have to continue switching between tools because you can have all of your marketing tools and apps in one place.
  • You can use any of Kartra Pages’, optimized templates to create any type of page, including landing pages.
  • The support team is always ready to help you get set up on the platform and give you the support you need.
  • There are many features available for managing customer relationships.
  • Kartra is a marketer’s dream platform because it offers strong video hosting capabilities.


  • When sending numerous emails at once, there have been some instances of people having deliverability problems.
  • The white labeling feature is not available but will be available soon.
  • Email marketing data import takes longer than usual, but this will also be sorted out in upcoming times.

Kartra Pricing:

Kartra Pricing page

Kartra pricing is among the most competitive on the market, it offers a total of 4 plans which include:





The all-inclusive plans from Kartra cost far less than its competitors and are worth the value they provide.

The package that is best for you will depend on the size of your business, the number of custom domains you require, and the number of leads you need.

Well, the good thing is that you’ll get 25% off (paid annually) on any play you select.

Let’s get to know what each plan has to offer:

Free Trial: ($1 for 14 days)

Well, they offer a Free trial to try out Kartra for your business.

If you want to test-drive the platform, you can trial Kartra for $1 for 14 days, so you can see if the software works for you before going through with one of their plans.

Starter Plan: ($79/month for up to 2500 leads)

This Kartra’s Starter is the best for those starting a new online business or for small companies with an email list of under 2500 people.

This package allows you to send up to 15,000 emails each month while providing 50 GB of bandwidth and 1 custom domain.

The plan’s actual cost is $99/month but if billed annually you’ll save $240 ad year.

It’s a great way to initiate.


Up to 2,500 Leads

1 custom domain

15,000 emails /mo

50 GB bandwidth

Host 100 pages

Host 50 videos

Sell 20 products

Build 2

membership sites

Add 1 additional

team member

Connect 1 helpdesk

Agency not included

Silver Plan: ($149/month for up to 12,500 leads)

This plan is best for agencies and medium-sized businesses that want to scale their business.

In this plan, you’ll get everything unlimited but 3 custom domains.

The package normally costs $199, but after a 25% discount, you can purchase it for $149 and save $600 a year.


Up to 12,500 Leads

3 custom domains

Unlimited emails

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited pages

Unlimited videos

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites


team members

Unlimited helpdesk

Kartra Agency

Gold Plan: ($229/month for up to 25,000 leads)

The package is for one of the medium- to large-scale companies with a strong consumer base.

It simply comes down to needs, if you couldn’t settle for less and think that it could impact your business then we strongly advise that you go ahead with this plan.

Because compromising on anything will result in poor performance or losing customers.

The plan’s monthly cost is $299 but after 25% off, it’s only $229. It means you’ve saved $800.

Therefore, it would be a wise decision to take the annual plan.


Up to 25,000 Leads

5 custom domains

Unlimited emails

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited pages

Unlimited videos

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites


team members

Unlimited helpdesk

Kartra Agency

Platinum Plan: ($379/month for up to 50,000 leads)

If you have a large to enterprise level of business then there’s nothing better than Kartra’s platinum plan.

Upgrade to the Enterprise plan, and you can always negotiate the pricing with their team.

The plan’s actual price without discount is a whooping $499, but after applying 25% it’ll cost you $379. 

You can save $1440 a year if you are billed annually for this plan. You can even go for the extra discount by talking to the team.


Up to 50,000 Leads

10 custom domains

Unlimited emails

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited pages

Unlimited videos

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites


team members

Unlimited helpdesk

Kartra Agency

Kartra’s Affiliate Programme: (Earn Up to 40% Lifetime Commissions)

<strong>Kartra Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons, and more (All in One)</strong> 1

Joining Kartra’s affiliate program you can generate signifiant income by promoting Kartra to your audience.

With Kartra’s affiliate program, you can expand your business while working with a reputable firm with years of expertise. You can also make extra money and receive recurring payments every month.

Check out the below benefits of Joining Kartra’s Affiliate Program:

  • Cookies last for 30 days.
  • Up to 40% recurring commission
  • The 10% recurring commission at the second tier
  • Monthly Payments
  • Utilization of Affiliate Resources
  • full use of the Kartra Marketplace
  • Without Minimum Sales
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support from an exclusive affiliate community

Kartra offers a summary of customer visits, cancellations, purchases, customer value, revenue, and refunds.

Its advanced tracking enables you to allocate particular cost-per-clicks, which aids in controlling your ROI. With its laser-accurate tracking, all links are given tracking IDs, and you can see which link has led to the most goals.

It’s easy to start earning commissions with Kartra.

Kartra Affiliate Marketing Program

Kartra’s Alternatives:

Server Price Free Emails
AweberPlans start from free to $16.15/monthWith 500 email subscribers and 3000 emails/per month.
SendinblueFrom Free to $25/month300 emails/daily to unlimited contacts.
GetresponsePlans start from FREE to $15.58 per monthUnlimited Mails to 500 contacts/per month
Constant Contact60-Day Free Trial To $9.99/monthFREE emails is limited for up to 100 unique contacts per campaign.
ConvertKitFrom Free to $9/month for up to 300 subscribersSend unlimited emails free for 300 subscribers only. 
MailerLiteFree to $19/month for up to 1000 subscribers.You can send up to 1000 subscribers with 12,000 monthly emails for 1 user.

Kartra’s Review: Last Words

Kartra is an effective CRM and sales funnel tool that you can’t go wrong with it.

It provides great email automation and customization and dozens of other valuable features that help grow your business.

if you want to build a sustainable business then you must prefer Kartra. It takes care of everything including tracking tickets, and payments, and constructing pages, email lists, and funnels.

If you did find this review helpful then do share your views with us.