Benchmark Email Pricing 2023 – Know Everything Here

Benchmark Email is a cloud-based platform for email marketing. It provides pre-made email layouts for a wide variety of events and celebrations. It’s a tool for handling email marketing campaigns. There are places to enter email addresses on the website, the blog, and the social media pages, all of which help broaden the scope of the enterprise.

Benchmark Email comes with some of the features like automation Pro, an Email Designer, Tracking, Reporting, A/B Testing, and Integrations. Also, there are some tools available in the email builder include a code editor, a color picker, a code editor, a live preview, and a responsive email builder.

Its reports compare the performance of users’ campaigns with industry norms in order to offer them real-time insights into their effectiveness.

Let’s check out Benchmark Email’s features & pricing plans.

Benchmark Email’s Features

Benchmark Email Pricing 2023 – Know Everything Here 1

Email editor

Benchmark Email breaks down the process of making an email into manageable chunks, one at a time. After being prompted to enter a subject line, you are given the option of using either the drag-and-drop editor, a plain text editor, or the code yourself.

Utilizing this methodical procedure will guarantee your success. The actions you need to do before sending the email are then displayed. Like Mailchimp, this method makes it simple for even new email marketers to know just what they should be doing and how to go about it.

Handling of Contacts

In order to populate Benchmark Email with your contacts, you may do it in a number of different ways, including typing in each one one by one, uploading a list, copying and pasting from another file, or importing contacts from another service. Benchmark Email’s sign-up form creator is functional, but it’s not very sophisticated or user-friendly, and it’s not easy to tailor to your specific needs.


Benchmark You may either use one of the many pre-made autoresponder templates provided by email or create your own.

Keeping with the concept, Benchmark Email simplifies the process of setting up an autoresponder so that even the most intricate email marketing campaigns can be created with relative ease. Selecting a list, followed by a trigger and delay, and finally, the emails to send in each sequence is how it works. If you haven’t previously, you may also generate these messages by hand.


Each of your email campaigns, automated email sequences, and A/B testing will have its own report generated by Benchmark Email. This data reflects:

  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Bounces
  • Unsubscribes
  • Email forwards
  • Shares on social media
  • Opens by location

The A/B testing results provide a side-by-side comparison of these variables, revealing the most compelling subject lines and delivery windows.

Price Comparison Overview as a Benchmark

Benchmark Email Pricing

Benchmark Free plan ($0/month with 3500 emails)

E-commerce, vacation, and real estate are just a few of the many different types of email templates available with the free Benchmark Email Pricing plans.

Benchmark’s free plan provides all the essentials for email marketing for solopreneurs and small enterprises. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and 220 responsive email templates that can be personalized with photos, videos, and social media symbols.

Simple automation like sending out a greeting email upon signup or an anniversary or birthday greeting may be set up with the free plan. Additionally, basic segmentation tools are included so that your contacts may be organized into groups based on commonalities, and customizable registration forms can be used to increase list size.

You may also use the free plan to create surveys and polls to learn more about your audience and the ideas they have.

Benchmark Lite Plan ($8/month with 3500 emails)

Lite Plan: It contains all of the capabilities of the Free Plan, in addition to unrestricted email sending to a maximum of 500 contacts and 3500 messages. The features of the Lite plan are that you can easily Remove Email Schedules for the Benchmark Branding Process.

The real cost of the light plan is $9.99 per month. However, paying for the service yearly will only cost you $8 per month. This is a reduction of 20% off the monthly rate for purchasing an annual membership. You can also Create and Distribute Landing Pages. Here Everything is completely free.

The plan will be lite, but you extend its limit for sending emails to different contacts. If you want additional contacts and emails, the following pricing information is provided for you:

·         $16 monthly for 1,000 contacts and 7,000 emails every month.

·         $25 per month for 2500 contacts and 17,500 emails per month are included in this package.

·         $42 per month for 5,000 contacts, and 35,000 emails every month.

·         $67 a month for 10,000 contacts and 70,000 emails sent every month.

Benchmark Pro plan ($13/month with 7500 emails)

Landing page templates and a builder are included in the Pro Benchmark Email Pricing plan, allowing for quick and simple development.

The difference between the Free account and the Pro plan is mostly in the number of emails you may send per month and whether or not you have access to phone help. You may either base prices on the total number of subscribers you have or on the total amount of emails you want to send each month.

The subscriber-based package is more cost-effective if you only have a few hundred subscribers but want to email them often. If you have thousands of subscribers but just want to email them once a month, the send-based plan is the way to go. If your list size or marketing goals change, you may easily move from send-based to subscriber-based pricing.

The Pro package enables you to develop more complicated automation, such as e-commerce automation like empty cart emails and follow-up series that allow you to deliver highly targeted content, in addition to sending newsletters, promotions, and basic drip campaigns.

In addition to the basic registration forms included in the Free plan, the Pro plan gives you access to Benchmark’s simple drag-and-drop editor for creating landing pages. For lead generation, content distribution, and the establishment of automated sequences, these landing pages are ideal.

Some extras are available for purchase with the Pro Benchmark Email Pricing plan. These extras expand your plan’s usefulness but may double or even quadruple your monthly payment. If you’d want to include:

  • In order to reduce bounce rates, save money, and achieve more precise campaign results, it is important to verify your list and ensure that the email addresses of your subscribers are correct.

  • In addition to the regular 10 GB of picture hosting, you now have the option of storing an infinite number of photographs and graphics. This monthly fee is a fixed $5.

  • Email inbox viewers: See how your email campaigns will look on various devices before sending them out. Initially, pricing begins at $14 for 100 tests.

  • With a dedicated IP, you can take command of your deliverability rates and shield yourself from the spamming actions of other customers, making a dedicated server the superior option over a regular shared one. Every month, you’ll pay the same $28.95 price.

The Pro package is perfect if you’re a business owner with a growing subscriber base and want to automate your email marketing campaigns. You should check Benchmark’s Enterprise package if you have more than 125,000 subscribers or if you need to send millions of emails monthly.

Enterprise (Unlimited emails/mo with 25,000 contacts starting)

Benchmark’s most costly package is the company’s Enterprise plan. A dedicated IP and domain white-labeling is included in this package to boost email deliverability in addition to the infinite landing pages and sophisticated automation available in the Pro plan. Benefit from the complimentary inbox and mailing list auditing, as well.

If you want to be sure your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes, this package includes priority assistance, which entails everything from account setup to deliverability monitoring. To further improve your marketing strategies, Benchmark can also guide your team via semi-annual account checks.

The Enterprise package is Benchmark’s top tier and is recommended for companies with subscriber lists in the hundreds of thousands. Some advanced features are included in this package as well, such as inbox checks, a dedicated IP, and white labeling. The native marketing tools it offers, however, may fall short of what the firm at hand requires.

BenchmarkEmail Pricing

Why Benchmark Email Has a Great User Interface?

Benchmark Email’s designers and developers gave careful consideration to simplifying complex processes and reducing learning curves for new users. This results in a solution that can be utilized by virtually everyone.

There aren’t as many bells and whistles in the free edition, especially when compared to the free versions of Mailchimp and Zoho Campaigns; for example, there are no autoresponder or split testing options.

The commercial edition is prohibitively expensive for those without a sizable email list, but the price drops off very little for bigger contact bases, making it a good deal for seasoned email marketers. It’s a wonderful combination of ease of use and powerful capabilities.

Benchmark Email FAQs:

What kinds of users and organization types does Benchmark Email work with?

Medium-sized businesses, large corporations, small businesses, freelancers, non-profits, and even governments may all benefit from using Benchmark Email.

What is the price of Benchmark Email?

Benchmark Email’s monthly price starts at $9.95.