AWeber Pricing: How to Choose the Right Pricing Plan for Your Business Needs

Tom Kulzer is credited with being the founder of AWeber back in 1998. Over 150,000 different companies are already using this service. AWeber is the ideal email marketing platform for solopreneurs and small enterprises.

The accessibility of AWeber’s services and the quality of the assistance it provides to customers are among the company’s most notable strengths. 

The fact that AWeber’s automation processes may only send emails in consecutive order is one of the platform’s drawbacks. AWeber is not the right choice for you if you need a system with complex automation processes and branching points.

AWeber Pricing: How to Choose the Right Pricing Plan for Your Business Needs 1

AWeber Features

AWeber features


The dashboard gives you an overall picture of how your marketing activities are progressing in AWeber. The dashboard displays any changes in the number of subscribers you have and any planned or prior broadcasts and email lists.

Data Integration and Storage

You can do both with the help of AWeber: gather data about your consumers and save it. This data is essential for segmentation, tailoring content, and putting trigger emails into action. 

Data Fields

Data fields arrange the contact information you gather and keep in AWeber after storing it there. You will separate your lists with the help of these data elements so that you may deliver more relevant messages to each individual. Here are some instances of data fields that are often put to use.

  • Email address
  • Location
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Website

You can construct specialized data fields to capture the information pertinent to your company. You can build up to 25 different custom data fields with AWeber.

Importing Customers and Data into AWeber

Some different methods are available for importing data in AWeber. There is no limit on the total number of subscribers that can be imported with AWeber. If you import a significant number of customers, the corporation may request a representative sample of your customer base. 


The customer data kept in the system may be used in conjunction with the segmentation tools included in the AWeber platform to generate client subgroups. It is recommended that you use segments to improve the relevance of the emails you send and reduce the send volume to save costs.

Email Builder

AWeber is equipped with an email editor that allows users to produce personalized and expert-looking emails. You can drag & drop many different sorts of material into your email templates.

A significant number of AWeber’s rivals do not come close to matching AWeber’s offering of over 700 pre-designed email templates. When composing an email, you may utilize these templates as valuable jumping-off points, enabling you to generate professional-looking emails even if you lack experience in design.

A/B Testing

You may improve the performance of your emails and subject lines by using the A/B testing tool that AWeber provides. You make many different iterations of your email and then send each version to a subset of your client base. AWeber monitors how well each variant does, allowing you to choose a successful email to send to the remaining members of your testing pool

Aweber Pros

  • A significant number of AWeber’s rivals provide more expensive services.
  • AWeber allows you an infinite number of email blasts and list subscribers.
  • AWeber provides customer service by phone, email, and live chat around the clock, seven days a week.

Aweber Cons

  • A large number of AWeber’s rivals are more robust than AWeber.
  • The automation feature is restricted to sending emails in consecutive order.
  • Your overall subscriber quota includes contacts even if they have unsubscribed from the newsletter or are on more than one list.

AWeber’s Pricing:

AWeber Pricing

AWeber Free Plan: (3,000 emails/month, Up to 500 Subscribers)

This is ideal for new ventures, such as small enterprises or agencies, and for bloggers just getting their feet wet.

This free plan from AWeber offers a great deal more capability when compared to the majority of email marketing solutions.

It includes a Landing Page, Email automation, Web push notification, drag-and-drop builder, numerous email templates, and many other features on its free plans in addition to many other features.

This offers more than enough choices for small enterprises, and if their needs change over time, they can easily upgrade to the pro plan.

AWeber Lite Plan: (Unlimited emails/month, Up to 500 Subscribers)

With AWeber’s new Lite plan, you can send unlimited emails to an unlimited number of subscribers. However, the usage is certainly limited, as you will receive three landing pages, three email automation, three users, and one Save and send to segments.

This plan includes import-shared campaigns and email split testing, which are not available in the free plan.

AWeber’s Lite plan includes a plethora of features that are ideal for agency owners or freelancers who are just getting started.

AWeber Plus Plan: (Unlimited Emails, Up to 500 Subscribers, $20/month)

The AWeber Plus plan is the most powerful option for most companies.

There is a subscription to a plus plan available, and it costs $29.99 per month (up to 500 subscribers). If you had to pay for it every year, the price would be around $20. This is entirely effective while remaining within one’s financial means.

On the other hand, if you have more than 100,000 subscribers you need to contact their sales staff at the number 1-877-293-2371.

Because the pricing is only shown for up to 25000 members at a time in the Plus plan.

Suppose you sign up for the plus plan. In that case, you will have access to all of the features that are available in their plus plans, including the following: unlimited email lists, split testing, detailed insights and analytics, advanced email automation, the ability to remove AWeber branding, webpage and sales tracking, and so on.


AWeber is a well-known email marketing platform with more than 150,000 active users. AWeber is well suited for smaller companies looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective email marketing solution offering superior customer assistance.

AWeber is a good choice to consider if you own a small company and are looking for an email marketing platform that meets your needs in terms of being both simple and inexpensive and having excellent customer care. 


Who should be included in my email marketing audience?

Your email marketing audience should, over time, become a mix of prospective consumers, current customers, and champions for your company. You need to focus on your ideal customers and the audiences you want to attract in order to get the correct individuals to sign up for your email list.

Why is email marketing help to grow a business?

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing for a number of reasons, including the following:

-It offers one of the most excellent returns on investment (ROI), coming in at approximately $42 for every dollar that is spent on it.
-It is one of the few marketing channels that you have complete control over. You have complete ownership over your email marketing list and complete control over your message, in contrast to social media platforms, where you do not have any say in the algorithm that determines who sees your postings.
-It enables you to design marketing strategies that are extremely individualized and specific to your target audience.