An Extensive Guide To Campaign Monitor Pricing and Features

Email communication is an essential component of every marketing effort. Email marketing provides a straightforward method for connecting with your target audience and generating conversions, regardless of whether you own a media conglomerate or a charitable organization.

Campaign Monitor is an online email marketing tool that enables businesses to develop email campaigns easily, deliver those campaigns, manage those campaigns, and monitor those efforts. The drag-and-drop editors, path builders, extra marketing techniques, and real-time performance indicators are all included on a single platform that the email campaign software provides.

Since the company’s founding in 2004, Campaign Monitor has been assisting both people and corporations in successfully delivering emails to their chosen audience to attain their goals.

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing service hosted in the cloud and assists organizations in managing new subscribers, sending email newsletters, and generating data. It provides services to companies of all sizes and in various business sectors.

The solution provides a drag-and-drop email builder through which users can select professionally designed templates and customize them for their own branded and unique emails. Other features include customer journeys, targeted segments, and more that assist organizations in the execution of email marketing campaigns.

Users can personalize and grow their email contact lists using the tools provided by Campaign Monitor. This allows users to send relevant messages to relevant contacts. Additionally, real-time information on the performance of emails and activity on campaigns is made available by the service.

An Extensive Guide To Campaign Monitor Pricing and Features 1

Pros of Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is one of the extremely successful email marketing software that can be used by even a newbie who has never used this sort of this software before. It is one of the software that is included in the “email marketing software category.” It is possible to set it up to send many different types of email marketing to determine the most successful email for a certain target list.

Cons of Campaign Monitor

It does not provide the tools necessary to alter the email content, nor does it provide a lot of flexibility regarding the designs that can be created for email marketing. They only have the option of selecting from the template designs offered by the program, and not all of the template designs are suitable for the email’s primary purpose.

Campaign Monitor Pricing

campaignmonitor pricing

Using the basic plan, you can send up to 2500 emails for $9 per month. The most simple package that Campaign Monitor offers includes access to three of its core features.

There is a limit to the number of emails you may send, which is determined by the number of subscribers you have. You will get 2,500 SMS messages for each of your 500 contacts. If you already had a list of 30,000 contacts, the limit would be raised to 250,000, and so on.


In addition, the “Basic” plan provides a limited number of settings for autoresponders to choose from. You are only able to create standard drip campaign types.

  • The capacity to send 2,500 emails each month, spanning both manual and automated marketing campaigns
  • Email-based customer service and support Core aspects of email marketing include a drag-and-drop builder and customized emails
  • Comprehensive analytics toolset
  • Simple marketing automation to say hello to new customers who subscribe to your brand.


The Unlimited subscription does away with the restriction on the maximum number of emails you may send and gives you access to more sophisticated forms of autoresponder technology.

In addition to the capability to modify the times at which electronic newsletters are sent so that they more closely correspond to the time zones of your subscribers, this feature gives you access to faster email help, inbox, and spam testing tools as some other advantages.

Using this plan, you may send unlimited emails for only $29 per month. This membership provides access to rudimentary email capabilities, statistics, and automation for greeting new users.

  • Unlimited emails for both manual and automated marketing campaigns
  • Email-based priority customer service Core capabilities for email marketing, including a drag-and-drop builder and customized emails
  • Comprehensive analytics toolset
  • Automation of advanced marketing techniques
  • The capability to preview your email in any one of 20 separate inboxes.
  • Time zone scheduling
  • Countdown timer with unlimited spam filter testing for creating a sense of urgency around campaigns


And finally, a premium package costs $149 per month. This package covers everything included in the previous two versions, adding advanced marketing tools like segmentation, send time optimization, and extra phone customer assistance. The price rise takes into account the addition of these features:

Premier grants access to all of the features included with the “Unlimited” membership and provide template controls that prevent your team from sending out any odd emails. Additionally, the experts at Campaign Monitor will provide you with sophisticated link monitoring, send-time optimization, and even phone help if you need it.

  • Unlimited emails for both manual and automated marketing campaigns
  • Support through phone and email provided by industry leaders. Core email marketing capabilities include a drag-and-drop builder and customized emails
  • Comprehensive analytics toolset
  • Automation of advanced marketing techniques
  • The capability to preview your email in any one of 20 separate inboxes.
  • Time zone scheduling
  • Testing of spam filters without limits
  • a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency in campaigns
  • Engagement segments to help you assess the level of engagement of your subscribers Send-time optimization
  • Innovative methods for monitoring links
  • Locking the email builder to maintain brand consistency

Last Words

Campaign Monitor is an excellent tool for small to medium-sized businesses and startups in the growth stage. Suppose you calculate the number of subscribers on your list and the features you want. In that case, evaluating which plan and price structure would work best for you is simple. However, if you want somewhat more complex capabilities, you should expect to pay a much higher fee.

How many emails can you send on Campaign Monitor Free?

With a free trial account, you can accomplish the following: Build and deploy many test campaigns to a group of five recipients or less so that you may evaluate reporting capabilities. You can create journeys and send intelligent transactional emails; but, to send these types of messages, you will need to upgrade to a monthly membership.

Is Campaign Monitor a CRM?

To assist companies in getting the most out of their email marketing efforts, Campaign Monitor integrates with top-tier customer relationship management software for nonprofits like Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge, and Zoho.

How long should you run a campaign?

The typical duration of a marketing campaign for a brand is three months. The more times a consumer is exposed to a certain commercial, the easier it is for that buyer to tune it out. This is especially important to keep in mind if your advertising is located in an area with many competing distractions or if there are a lot of other ads in the surrounding region.

What is a good open-rate Campaign Monitor?

The average email open rate might vary widely depending on the target audience’s business sector. Still, 15 percent to 25 percent is often regarded as the sweet spot for a successful email marketing campaign.