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Sendinblue Pricing: Which plan to choose?

Sendinblue is taking email marketing by storm, and its pricing justifies it. Sendinblue plans are a treat to the eye and are fairly priced. Sendinblue offers all the basic features for small and medium companies in its free plan.

Sendinblue offers cheaper pricing when compared to its alternatives.

In this guide on Sendinblue pricing we will decode which plan will be best suited for you, the features every plan offers and how you can expand the functionality of each plan through the plus extension plans, which are recently launched by Sendinblue.

Note – Sendinblue has done away with its essential plan, and has introduced lite+ add-on for Lite plan at an additional cost of $12 per month (Remove Sendinblue logo, get heat maps and A/B test). All the existing customers have a choice to remain on their existing plans for as long as they wish but if they want to upgrade they will have to go for the new pricing. You can read the complete Sendinblue review here.

Sendinblue monthly plans decoded: What features different plans offers?

While most email marketing services offer plans according to the number of subscribers, Sendinblue has taken a different path, it’s plans are based on the number of emails you wish to send every month, which I personally think is a more reasonable way to set one’s pricing.

Sendinblue offers email marketing plans that expire every month along with pay-as-you-go plans, which start with just $40 for 5000 emails with no expiry date and you can club it with both Lite and Premium plans as well. 

Check out the features of various email marketing plans

  1. Marketing features
  2. Transactional platform features
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Reporting
  5. Support & Integrations

Sendinblue currently offers 2 different plans along with a free plan, let’s have a look on what each plan has to offer –




Highlights of the email marketing plans

  • You can store unlimited contacts with all the plans
  • You get 10% discount if you decide to pre-paid annually
  • Free Plan lets you send 9000 free emails monthly, which is limited to 300 emails daily
  • Lite Plan – $25, 10,000 emails, No daily sending limit, Advanced Statistics, Email Support
  • Premium Plan – $65, 20,000 emails, Facebook ads, Multi user access, Phone support, Marketing automation etc.

Let’s look at what are the different features of the plans –

  • Check out the various marketing features offered by Sendinblue in different plans –
Marketing Features
Free Plan $0/Month
Lite Plan $25/Month
Premium Plan $65/Month
SMS Marketing
Email & SMS personalization
A/B testing
Send Time Optimization
Landing page builder
5 landing pages. 20€ for 5 extra landing pages/month
Facebook ads
Transactional Emails
Free Plan $0/Month
Lite Plan $25/Month
Premium Plan $65/Month
Transactional email and SMS sending
Core API features
Advanced templating language
Dedicated IP included
  • Check out the various Marketing Automation features offered by Sendinblue in different plans –
Marketing Automation
Free Plan $0/Month
Lite Plan $25/Month
Premium Plan $65/Month
Workflow editor
Page tracking
Marketing automation workflows
Up to 2,000 contacts
Up to 2,000 contacts
  • Check out the Reporting & Tracking features offered by Sendinblue in different plans-
Free Plan $0/Month
Lite Plan $25/Month
Premium Plan $65/Month
Real-time reporting
Geography & device reporting
Heat map reporting
Advanced open & click stats
  • Check out the various Support & Integrations offered by Sendinblue in different plans –
Support & Integrations
Free Plan $0/Month
Lite Plan $25/Month
Premium Plan $65/Month
Email support
Phone Support
API & plugins
Basic integrations: RSS, Google Contacts, Typeform, more
Basic integrations: RSS, Google Contacts, Typeform, more
Basic integrations: RSS, Google Contacts, Typeform, more
Multi-user access
3 users included. 9€ per additional user / month. Up to 10 users

Sendinblue: Pay-as-you-go plans pricing

Sendinblue offers pay-as-you-go plans for small and medium enterprises. These plans are best for you if you are just starting out and you don’t have a count on the number of emails that you send monthly. These credit plans do not have an expiry date whereas other players usually have a 12 month expiry period Eg. Mailchimp. The Pay-as-you-go plan is 25-60% cheaper than competitors like Mailchimp. Check out the complete comparison of Sendinblue vs Mailchimp.

Highlights of the Pay-as-you-go plan – 

  • You can use these plans outside other paid plans
  • The pre-paid credits come with everything in Lite plan including the Lite+ add-on.
  • Does not have any expiry date
Pay-as-you-go plans pricing
Number of emails
Price Per Email


Sendinblue is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs, it provides some extra features along with its email marketing and pay-as-you-go plans:

  • SMS Marketing: With Sendinblue you can easily couple your email marketing efforts with SMS marketing for better results. You can easily buy SMS credits in the packs of 100. Cost of credits are priced according to every country. Eg. Cost of 100 SMS’s in Australia is 7.647 Euros where as the cost to send 100 SMS’s is just 1 Euro. You can easily calculate the cost using their SMS cost calculator. 
  • Remove Sendinblue branding: You can remove the Sendinblue logo only in paid plans, If you are going for their lite plan you can remove the logo for $12/month.
  • IP Plan: Sendinblue offers a free IP under it’s enterprise plans. You can also buy a dedicated IP for $145 per year.

Which plan to choose?

Sendinblue has something for everyone:

  • STARTERS: If you are just starting out and want to see how things work, FREE PLAN is best suited for you. The free plan has all the essential elements you want to start your email marketing efforts. You can send 9000 free emails every month under the free plan, which are limited to 300 emails/day. This plan offers some basic email automation and is best suited for small lists. Although you can stretch out your email campaigns over multiple days to cater to a bigger audience but that is a very time consuming process.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: If you have grown your list so that your needs exceed the free plan,  I will recommend opting for pay-as-you-go plans, the biggest advantage is it offers all the features of Lite plan & Lite+ add on, it does not have any expiry period. The minimum plan is $40 for 5000 emails, with no sendinblue logo.
  • LITE PLAN: It has all the basic functions you need, the biggest drawback of this plan is the sendinblue logo on the footer of all your emails, you need to opt for Lite+ add on for $12/month to remove the logo, get advanced statistics and A/B testing (Email content and subject lines)
  •  PREMIUM PLAN: If you are an email marketing veteran or have previous experience with email marketing, then this plan is for you it offers advanced features like Landing pages, Send time optimisation, Fb Ads, Advanced reporting, Phone support etc.