Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives 

Mailjet Review

Forever Free Plan - 6000 Emails/Month

Ease of Use


Customer Service




Open Email & Online Marketing




Value For Money



  • Highly Easy To Use & Easy To Set up
  • Smooth Mail Sending Quality
  • Easy To Find & Craft New Campaigns
  • Reliable Reachability
  • Best For Small Businesses


  • Limited Number of Templates
  • Limited Support
  • Average Automation

As you might be aware, Mailjet is one of the world’s biggest email deliverability platforms, with customers ranging from small startups to major international brands and e-commerce organizations. 

You can expect reliable and cost-effective mail delivery and comprehensive analytics reports that will help you measure the impact of your campaigns.

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Mailjet Review: Let’s Take A Look!

Mailjet is an email marketing service that offers a variety of pricing plans as well as features.  with no storage limit or transactional emails. For more storage or transactional emails, you need one of their paid plans to go up in price, depending on your needs.

Even during busy sending times, Mailjet’s adaptable infrastructure can auto-scale to allow users to send up to 15M emails per hour (per user) via our Email API. We can achieve the fastest processing possible thanks to our proprietary architecture, which is built on low-level optimized code and a distributed cache strategy. Mailjet takes security and data privacy very seriously and is ISO27001-certified and GDPR-compliant.

Mailjet Key Features: Why Should You Go With MailJet?

Here are the feature list of the Mailjet email marketing tool:-

Mailjet Email editor:

Mailjet is a transactional email platform that offers an array of features. With a product that includes integrations with over 150 third-party tools like Salesforce, Zapier, Shopify, and Google Analytics, MailJet has everything you need for your business. 

As soon as you start sending marketing emails, you can expect a dip in your conversions. Sending customers promotional messages they don’t want harms all aspects of the customer experience. 

Whether it’s bad timing, poor subject lines, or simply irrelevant products and services, there are many reasons why customers might not open or read your email campaigns. Building relationships is paramount in marketing, so ensure your communications are relevant and personal before hitting send. Encouraging customers to opt-in for future communications will also help improve engagement by giving them control over what content they receive.

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 1

Keeping up with your email marketing can feel overwhelming. Between designing emails, coordinating with developers, managing subscription lists, and sending out campaigns, there’s much to keep on top of. Fortunately for you, email marketing software can streamline many of these tasks so you can focus on more critical areas of your business. 

Some services can even provide valuable analytics, allowing you to understand better how effectively each campaign drove engagement or conversions. Choosing the right provider is vital when looking into automating your marketing strategy. Always ensure their pricing structure is clear and transparent, with free trials available so that you can test them out before committing to a monthly budget.

Mailjet Contact management

The data migration process from another system to Mailjet is simple. Contacts can be manually uploaded or imported using an API. You don’t need to manually match properties like the email address, name, and location once you’ve imported the contacts because Mailjet does that for you.

Mailjet offers an actions list for each email list you build so you can see every action, such as sending campaigns and adding new contacts to the list.

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 2

Mailjet only allows you to select segment conditions based on demographic information and if a user recently opened and clicked an email.

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 3

Advanced segmentation features like building a segment based on product page visits and previous purchases are unavailable.

Mailjet Autoresponders:

Many marketers use autoresponders to organize their email marketing campaigns. These emails automatically go out when a customer reaches a specific point in the purchase process. It can be after signing up for an account or making their first purchase.

Autoresponders are especially useful for e-commerce stores because it helps you close those sales that slip through your fingers or get deleted before you get a chance to follow up with them.

Special Offers are a great way to bring new customers into your store. For example, if you want someone who just purchased from you but didn’t make another purchase in 60 days to come back, it would be nice if they received a discount or other enticement via email. 

This brings that customer back into your store and influences them towards buying something else. It’s also good for bringing attention to your seasonal products and letting customers know when their favorite products will go out of stock soon so they can get some before it’s too late.

First Autoresponder Campaign

If you’re starting your e-commerce business, it might be a good idea to put together some autoresponders focused on customer acquisition. This can involve sending automated emails to people who have recently purchased from you but have yet to make another purchase in 60 days. 

It could also entail reaching out to customers who signed up for your email list but have not opened any previous emails. For these campaigns to be effective, you need to ensure that all your customers have opted-in correctly, so you don’t spam anyone accidentally.

Send Out Your Autoresponder Campaign 

After you’ve assembled your campaign, it’s time to send it out! You must let up to 7 days between each email in your series. For example, if your first autoresponder is supposed to go out three days after a customer makes a purchase, send that email before 11 or 14 days.

Mailjet Transactional emails

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 4

Mailjet is an email marketing solution that helps you automate communication with your audience. With their transactional email solution, you can create emails triggered by user actions on your website or mobile app. 

An email marketing platform is an intelligent way to promote your business. In addition, you can use it as an effective communication channel with potential customers or subscribers for newsletters or special offers. Many email marketing tools, such as MailJet, offer excellent features like sending high-quality emails. It makes it easier for you since it’s compatible with all phones, tablets, and desktops. 

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 5

It also has an excellent performance level that ensures a higher email deliverability rate. Other than that, unlimited mailboxes are included in their plans at no extra charge. You can access desktop features such as Gmail formatting and delivery reports with your new account. The most popular usage of transactional email service is communicating with customers. For instance, you can use it to send receipts, invoices, or purchase confirmations. 

This is an excellent way to provide a personal touch to your business. With your new account, you will get access to support when needed at no extra charge and multiple campaigns on a single account at no additional charge. They offer 24/7 support all year long.

Mailjet provides information on how many people opened your message, clicked through the links, what device they read it on and where they were when they opened it. This information will allow you to improve your campaigns by tailoring them more toward what your audience is looking for.

Mailjet Personalize Email Templates

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 6

The template is easy to edit using a text editor like Notepad or notepad++. These programs will allow you to change colors in your template without a problem.

We’ve created several email templates for you to start from scratch when creating your emails. Choose a template that best suits your needs and customize it according to your preferences.

You should include a product recommendation in your email. When people sign up for your newsletter, they’ll get suggestions based on what they purchase (or have yet to purchase). This is an excellent way of encouraging people to buy more and will make them loyal customers. That’s not all! 

Please take advantage of our email scheduling system and save time by creating templates that can be sent out automatically at pre-determined intervals, such as once or twice a week. Just create a schedule in our interface, edit your template and send it as many times as you want!

Mailjet Dedicated IP

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 7

A dedicated IP will allow you to send a mail with a single public IP address. Dedicated IPs are more expensive than shared ones, but they offer several benefits, such as not being impacted by other customers on the server.

A dedicated IP is a must if you want your email deliverability rates to increase, as it will allow you to send more messages and be more reliable. 

Another advantage of dedicated IPs is that they will provide your emails with better delivery rates, as email providers will trust a single source better than many different sources. It makes your email address look more trustworthy so that ISPs can boost your chances of your emails reaching their inboxes.

If you’re running a high-volume email campaign, spending more money on a dedicated IP is worth it so that your emails can be delivered as much as possible. While shared IPs will suffice for lower-volume campaigns, they can be unreliable, which can cause your reputation and brand image to suffer if recipients aren’t receiving your emails.

On top of that, shared IPs will be very expensive when used at a large scale, so dedicated IPs are significantly better valued for money. If you want your email marketing campaigns to succeed in volume and delivery rates, consider investing in dedicated IPs, even if it means spending more on them.

Mailjet Multi-User Collaborations

This feature enables multiple users to collaborate on a single campaign. This collaborative approach is perfect for larger teams working on regular projects. This way, you can ensure that all your team members know what’s being sent out and track conversations happening around your campaign in one central place. 

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 8

Not only does it save time, but it also saves money because everyone is aware of how much was spent on each email sent out. Mailjet even includes an option to set up notifications so they know when emails have been sent out or opened. 

These features make collaboration between large companies easy and affordable, ultimately leading to more satisfied customers! Consider our integrated marketing platform if you’re looking for a more advanced option. This software suite is designed to help email marketers create and deliver successful campaigns with minimum effort. 

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 9

It even gives you access to analytics tools so you can see exactly who has been responding well to your emails so that you can tailor future campaigns accordingly. We also provide bulk export features if you need to integrate your campaigns with other software. 

This integrated marketing solution lets your entire company work together, allowing for faster campaign responses and, ultimately, higher customer satisfaction!

Mailjet Split tests and A/B testing

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 10

Split testing is a form of controlled experimentation. It involves splitting your audience into two groups, where you show one group one version of your website and the other group another version. Over time you can measure which performs better. A/B testing is split testing, where you change one element on the page (such as the headline or button) while keeping everything else constant.

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 11

Split testing is crucial for businesses that want to understand precisely what their audience wants. Using a split test, you can ensure your offering will be well-received before rolling it out. At Mailjet, we run multiple A/B tests daily to improve our emails. 

For example, one of our recent A/B tests tested two different product pages that were virtually identical except for a single-button design. The winning strategy increased sales by 20 percent in just a few hours.

The key is to understand what is best for your business. Split testing and A/B testing are essential techniques for businesses of all sizes. It will enable you to create better products or marketing strategies that meet customer needs and exceed your objectives.

Mailjet Pros & Cons – Mailjet Drawbacks

Limited segmentation options

In comparison to its competitors, Mailjet’s segmentation tools are more constrained. Among the available criteria, there are only a few alternatives for behavior and demographics (age, gender, clicked links).

Limited support options

Only the most expensive plan comes with customer support, a written service level agreement, and a dedicated account manager. There is no live chat or phone assistance; only paid plans have access to email help.

Automation could be better

Mailjet offers an array of automation features. However, they need to catch up to what you would receive from other top email marketing services. Workflows can only be subjected to dates or exceptional events as conditions. The processes resemble those of straightforward autoresponders. Furthermore, it is challenging to edit once a workflow has been established.

Mailjet Pricing:

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 12

You can send 200 emails daily on Mailjet’s free plan, which has a monthly cap of 6,000 emails. There are very few capabilities available on the free plan, including the inability of multiple users to modify emails simultaneously and the absence of A/B testing, segmentation, or automation tools. Market-available free plans, such as those from Mailchimp and Zoho Campaigns, are far superior.

Essential and Premium are Mailjet’s two primary paid pricing tiers. The company also has an Enterprise plan but must inquire about the cost of sales.

In the annual Essential plan, you can send 15,000 emails which costs $13.50 per month and has no daily sending cap. The cost rises in proportion to the emails you send each month.

Since the Essential plan has few features, no A/B testing, and no segmentation options, it isn’t very cost-effective.

Multi-user collaboration is a feature of the annual Premium plan, which costs $25 a month for up to 15,000 emails and allows for simultaneous editing by multiple users. Additionally, it includes segmentation skills and autoresponders that enable you to establish automated email sequences. Of the Mailjet plans, this one offers the best value.

All plans are discounted by 10% if you pay yearly.

Mailjet Alternatives:

ServerPricingFree emails
SendinblueFrom free to $25/month300 emails/daily to unlimited contacts 
Campaign MonitorThe plan starts from $9 to $29/month2500 free emails in 1st month for 500 contacts
Constant Contact60-Day Free Trial To $9.99/monthFREE emails are limited to up to 100 unique contacts per campaign.
MailchimpPlan varies from free to $9.24/month2500 free emails for up to 500 contacts, email support for the first 30 days
GetResponseFree plan starts from $0 to $15.58/per month Unlimited emails for up to 500 contacts per month
AWeberPlans start from free to $16.15/monthWith 500 email subscribers and 3000 emails/per month.

Mailjet Affiliate Program:

<strong>Mailjet Review: Pricing, Features, Affiliate Program, and Alternatives </strong> 13

Mailjet offers one of the most flexible affiliate programs on the market. 

To activate your account as an affiliate, you’ll need to sign up for a free account with us. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to create promotional campaigns and start earning commissions on sales made through your marketing efforts. 

Best of all, there are no limits on how much you can earn! If you refer a customer who becomes a paid customer before their trial period ends, you’ll earn 15% of what they spend! For example, if someone pays $200/month, you’ll get $30 per month in commission.

You can also get more creative by customizing your promotions to incentivize prospects by offering discounts, coupons, or rewards points after signing up. With these types of promotions set up, even if customers don’t convert right away (during the trial), they will likely convert down the line after taking advantage of these perks!

However, the cookie duration of Mailjet only lasts for 30 days, which would be great if it were 60 or 90 days.

Last Words On MailJet Review

Mailjet is an all-in-one marketing suite for your business. It has an extensive list of features that make it a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. With its intuitive interface, you can create email campaigns with ease. 

Plus, Mailjet offers live chat support 24/7, so they’re there for you if you have any questions or need assistance. 

Even though the price might be a little steep for small businesses at first glance, they offer a free trial period where you can see if the product is right for you before making any commitment.

They also offer several discounts for more significant volume users. Plus, they have a generous affiliate program if you’re interested in marketing their services to other businesses. 

If you’re looking for a powerful marketing suite with all your business needs in one place, look no further than Mailjet.

General FAQs

Is Mailjet easy to use?

Your contacts list may be easily managed using Mailjet. To split your list any way you like, add custom fields. Analysis tools for list management also allow comparing open, click and unsubscribe rates. You may efficiently and dynamically insert custom variables into your emails.

Is Mailjet an SMTP?

Any system can easily be integrated with Mailjet’s free SMTP server. You can alter your setup by using our SMTP server, one of the supported ports, and simply authenticating with your credentials API key and secret key.

How do I send an email with Mailjet?

Any language can be used with MailJet; however, for this essay, let’s focus on sending emails using the Node/Javascript library. The node project should first include MailJet as a dependency. install node-mailjet using npm. Create a MailJet instance and issue a send request later to send an email.