ConvertKit Review – Converting Subscribers To Customers !



Website Colour Scheme


Website Animation Video Graphics


Overall Website Experience



  • Offers a very good landing page and form editor.
  • Very good subscribers and tagging system
  • Premium support
  • Smart marketing referral program


  • Email editor lacks the advanced integration features
  • Little big in the pricey end when compared to other players
  • Difficult to use if you are not coding friendly
  • Email Template Designs could be better

ConvertKit was Founded in 2013 by Nathan Barry, a web designer by passion, what started of as a hobby became a mammoth business in a short time span. In this ConvertKit review, we will discuss the ConvertKit pricing, affiliate program and everything there is to know about the email marketing service. ConvertKit is an Email Marketing Software company that helps you create, automate and send beautifully designed, professional-looking email’s.

It is a relatively new player and it has done fairly well for a newbie, it offers some amazing marketing templates, customisable and its UI and UX. Nathan has done a very good job with the product design and is easy to use even for non-techies.

ConvertKit Review – Converting Subscribers To Customers ! 1

ConvertKit Website Go Through

Let’s start by discussing the ConvertKit website. I think Nathan and his team have done a wonderful job they have a very user-friendly and good looking website. It is at par with its well established ConvertKit Alternative – The SendInBlue. I have compared the websites of two due to a sense of similarity in their product designs (Both have an amazing website design which I personally adore). You can read a detailed SendInBlue Review here.

ConvertKit has a very interactive and appeasing website full of lots of graphics. I really liked the colour-scheme. The video explanation in the right side when you open the website is a slick move, but I guess It would have been much better if they have tried to entice the users visiting its websites. Something like how it’s customers grow with them or something like how they earn more money. I don’t know “Perhaps a seed that slowly grows into a big powerful tree full of money“. Learn how to make money using your email marketing strategy with our guide “A Complete Guide To Your Email Marketing Strategy In 2020

In the above the fold animation department I will say SendinBlue has won the first scuffle with its innovation. That shows how SendInBlue customers start with a cycle, then gets a basic car, afterwards what appears to be a personalised vanity van and then finally they take off for the clouds. Check out the SendinBlue Innovative Animation Video.

Also, ConvertKit could have utilised the space between the carousel in a much better way, It looks empty but it’s clean. At a time when you “just have around 5 seconds to convert a customer – Neil Patel”. It does play a very very important role in digital marketing. Learn more about what is an autoresponder, how they works and what are the best free email autoresponders.

Website Ratings Out Of 10

Website Colour Scheme

Convert Kit –  7            SendInBlue – 6.5

Website Animation Video Graphics

Convert Kit –  6            SendInBlue – 7.5

Overall Website Experience

Convert Kit –  6            SendInBlue – 7.5

SendinBlue won this round !

ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit works on the newer technology and has a freshness in it, unlike the traditional email services which are struggling to cope with the changing technology or have a steep learning curve. ConvertKit offers powerful email automation with an easy to use interface. It’s pricing is I would say in the medium price range. You can easily send transactional emails using convertkit.

They focus on acquiring name with content creators that has got my attention, I guess they have a hawk-eye focus on bloggers, you-tubers etc. I think it is a smart move with the current boost in the numbers of content creators.

Pro Tip – Before sending your email campaigns, Read about can spam act of marketing to avoide any penalties from the law enforesement agencies.

That makes them simple and you do not get confused with too many features that is the case with so many other email providers out there. They have recently launched a Freemium Plan which is for less than 1000 subscribers but it does not offers most of the advanced features. Also there pricing starts with $29 per month if you pay monthly and $24 if you subscribe for an annual plan. Which I personally feel are in a little higher end when compared with other players. You can use convertkit for email automation as well, for those who don’t know what is email automation?

Why Choose ConvertKit – Features in detail!

Let’s discuss the features in detail –


  1. It offers a very good landing page and form editor. With over 35 landing page templates. You can easily create one using their templates and I guess they have something for everyone. It lets you create a landing page even if you don’t have a website. You can create one which you can use for your social media campaigns and increasing your conversions. Free Sign up to check out there Landing page editor.
convertkit templates

2. I personally loved there subscribers and tagging system. I think it is smooth and efficient. You can run a very focused campaign to your contacts with its tagging system. You can read more about the subscribers here.

3. You get premium support, the support is really helpful and quick on their heels so that any issue faced is handled with efficiency and swiftness. Read more about there support here.

4. They also have a referral in place where you can refer to your friends for every successful referral you can add 100 more Subscribers. Which I think is Smart marketing referral program.

convertkit referral program

Check out our study on the best time to send email campaigns where we have analysed more than 20 million subscribers using data from well established email providers in the email marketing industry.


  1. I would like to point out that the email editor lacks the advanced integration features like the gif, video integrations which I would really like to see in the future. I found that you need to use GIFs to increase your email conversions.
  2. It is a little big in the pricey end when compared to other players like the SendInBlue. Check out SendinBlue Pricing
  3. They have If/Then/Else logic but it is difficult to use if you are not coding friendly. For more advanced features you can try Get Response.
  4. ConstantKit Email Template Designs could be better, and I would expect them to have more design templates in the future. If you want a huge number of templates, For better templates I would suggest using Constant Contact instead.

ConvertKit Pricing

You can start with a free plan in which you get mobile responsive designs, 35+ landing page designs, subscriber tagging, 500 email subscribers, send email broadcasts. You don’t get any reporting, automation click funnels, API integration. Let’s move on to discussing ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit Pricing plans start with just $25 per month for 1000 subscribers. In this plan you will not get free platform migration, you will have to do that on your own. For plans starting $25 per month you get free migration service through there support.

They have the following plans in place –

  1. $25 for 1000 subscribers
  2. $41 for 3000 subscribers
  3. $66 for 5000 subscribers 
  4. $83 for 8000 subscribers
  5. $100 for 10,000 subscribers

Read about ConvertKit Pricing in detail here

ConvertKit Alternatives

Following are the best ConvertKit Alternatives –



Free Emails

Plans vary from FREE to $66 per month9,000 emails 1st month limited by 300 daily
Constant Contact
Plans start from FREE for first month.30,000 emails for 1st month then 100 emails daily
Plans start from FREE to $311 per month30,000 emails for 1st month then 100 emails daily
Plans starting from FREE to $99 per monthUnlimited Mails to 1000 contacts for 1st month
Elastic Email
Pricing starts from FREEFree 150,000 emails for 1st month
 FREE emails to $312 per month Send unlimited free emails to 1,000 subscribers
Google Gmail SMTP
500 FREE emails daily to $25 per month FREE 500 emails daily
 FREE mails to $35 Free 5,000 emails per month for 3 months
Free to $699.95/monthFREE 40,000 for the first month only after that 100 free mails daily

Read in detail all about ConvertKit Alternatives.

ConvertKit Affiliate

Convert Kit has a very successful affiliate program in place, they offer 30% commission on recurring basis paid every month. I too applied for the affiliate program but then received a mail stating that due to a high number of affiliate requests they take 4-6 weeks to approve you to convertkit affiliate program. I found that very strange personally! That’s a huge amount of time they should buckle up as competitors and alternatives like the SendinBlue or Constant Contact have a huge advantage over them!

Final Conclusion and Ratings

ConvertKit has an amazing product and the website. Features are quite good but I found it a little expensive as compared to ConvertKit alternatives. Sendinblue is a very good convertkit alternative and is caching fast with convertkit.

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