Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More

Benchmark Email Review

$0/month for up to 500 contacts

Ease of use


Email Deliverability


Customer Service






Value For Money



  • Easy To Setup
  • Free Plan With No Credit Card Requirement
  • Loads of Email Templates
  • Great Automation Tools
  • Awesome Customer Service


  • Need More Pop-up Templates
  • Free Plan Needs More Features

This is one of the awesome email marketing platforms across the industry.

Benchmark Email offers amazing user-friendly email marketing and automation tool, so you can now grow your customer base and retain customer interactions.

You can also construct eye-catching emails with a drag-and-drop email builder, and by using its email marketing checklist, you can ensure that your email was sent to the inbox only.

Now it is simple to expand your subscriber list thanks to its forms, surveys, and landing pages.

Plus, its user-friendly drag-and-drop email campaign builder helps in marketing automation’s conversion of subscribers into consumers.

Overall, Benchmark Email offers excellent service; it’s adequate for both inexperienced and seasoned marketers, and it does a fairly good job of keeping spam off the site.

Let’s dig more to check what else Benchmark Email has to offer us.

Benchmark Email Review: It Has Everything

Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More 1

If you’re looking for a streamlined experience then Benchmark email is the only marketing tool you should look into.

Founded in 2004, Benchmark Email is an online service for creating and automating email marketing campaigns. 

The company is internationally widespread with offices and employees in 15 different countries, and their support team is multilingual, speaking nine different languages.

Now you can imagine how big the organization is and the tremendous value they’re providing.

As we’re reviewing the tool, it’s important to check that it really offers crazy features that help merchants in the way they want.

Let’s check it out.

Benchmark Email Features: Favorite Among Merchants

Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More 2

This benchmark email has some amazing features that help merchants to grow exponentially. It is one of the industry’s most complete email marketing tools out there.

Let’s check out its features:

1. Benchmark Email Marketing Automation:

Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More 3

One of the best features of Benchmark’s email marketing is automation, which enables you to create customer journeys and send out automated email series depending on triggers like user dates, behaviors, or events.

Like Benchmark will automatically send the email of your choice when someone subscribes to your list or clicks a link in a previous email campaign. 

The software then follows up automatically when it is most effective like a few days later.

You can design your own automation template or use one provided by the feature’s Automation feature to create various automated journeys for your customers.

The featured templates from Benchmark include thank-you letters for new subscribers, follow-up promotions that are targeted based on opens or clicks, and feedback forms.

Truly speaking, we didn’t find this level of sophisticated email automation options in the market, however, there are loads of tools available but this one is the ultimate one.

More Awesome Marketing Automation Tools That You May Want To Checkout

  1. SendinBlue: Workflow Editor | Page Tracking | Marketing Automation – limited to 2000 contacts | Free 9000 emails/mo, unlimited contacts | Check pricing
  2. HubSpot: Email automation | 1 automated action & 1 automated email per form in free plan | industry best automation | 2000 free emails/mo | Check pricing
  3. MailChimp: Classic automation builder | Multiple Starting Points | Branching Points | Free 2500 emails/mo, up to 500 contacts | Check pricing

2. Benchmark Email: Setting Up:

Getting started with Benchmark email is peace of mind.

You can start out with a free account that includes basic email marketing functions.

The landing page builder and Automation Pro are available to test out on the free plan, but you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro plan before putting your work live.

Plus, the welcome dashboard takes you through all the steps you must perform before sending your first email campaign, from adding your contacts to creating your first email draft.

3. Benchmark Email Designer:

It’s easy to build an eye-catching email with Benchmark’s email designer feature.

Its drag-and-drop editor enables you to generate emails from a layout or a template, allowing you to deliver a professional and eye-catching newsletter regardless of any prior design experience. 

These technologies were utilized in our review to make very user-friendly automatic answers, surveys, and polls.

Each one guides you through the procedure in detail. Images can be edited by applying effects, stickers, or a message over the image.

You can quickly develop effective email campaigns even if you’re not experienced with mass-mailing software.

Individuals who want to conduct their own coding should use the code editor. You can write text-only emails without any photos or styling using the plain-text editor. 

Also, you can create your own email from start or alter the HTML in a template if you are skilled with HTML. While you’re still editing the email, the dual view displays the design.

More Awesome Email Designer Tools:

  1. Mailchimp: All-in-one email marketing & email design platform | Free 2500 monthly email send, up to 500 contacts | Check pricing
  2. AWeber: Drag-and-drop email builder | Email templates | Thousands of professional images | Send free 3000/mo emails, up to 500 subscribers | Check pricing
  3. SendX: Email Campaigns | Affordable Email Marketing Software | Drag & Drop Editor | 14-day free trial, 2000 emails, 500 contacts | Check pricing

4. Benchmark Email Contact Management:

You can add contacts to Benchmark Email in a variety of ways like uploading a list, including manually, copying and pasting them from another document, or importing them from another program.

First name and email address fields are included in an example form created by Benchmark Email.

Benchmark Email streamlines the segment creation process by dissecting the cycle into manageable parts, as it does with the majority of its capabilities.

However, these conditions only apply to demographic information, particular dates, such as when the client was joined to a list, and custom data you are gathering from your consumers. 

You can create your segment using as many criteria as you’d like with Benchmark Email.

Though, it doesn’t have requirements for website surfing patterns, past purchases, or contact avenues like social media, websites, trade shows, etc.

5. Benchmark Email Split Testing:

Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More 4

A/B testing is one of the most beneficial email marketing features in any marketer’s arsenal.

To find out which campaign performs the best, you can compare them. You could, for instance, compare two subject lines and send the one that performs best to the remaining subscribers.

A/B testing is now offered for delivery timings. When subscribers are most likely to open your email campaigns it will be determined by the benchmark.

With Benchmark, you may compare delivery windows, two subject lines, or other components with various test groups and distribute the campaign that performed better to your remaining subscribers.

Trust us, Benchmark email is a valuable email marketing tool to ensure your messages are hitting the right marks.

More Powerful Split Testing Tools:

  1. HubSpot: Hubspot offers robust A/B testing features in their professional and enterprise plans | 2000 free emails/mo | Check pricing
  2. SendX: Effective A/B Split Testing tool | 14-day free trial, 2000 free emails, up to 500 contacts | Check pricing
  3. Mailjet: A/B split testing | Email A/B split testing | 12,000 monthly emails, up to 1000 subscribers | Check pricing

Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More 5

Benchmark Email Pros and Cons:

Benchmark Email Pros:

  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Available free plan; no credit card needed.
  • A free package from Benchmark includes 3500 emails and 500 contacts each month.
  • There are more than 1500 integrations available, plus the opportunity to build your own.
  • A big selection of email templates for any industry.
  • Easy to construct email marketing campaigns.
  • Capable automation tools and drag-and-drop designers.
  • The customer service staff at Benchmark is available through a variety of channels, and the representatives are much helpful.

Benchmark Email Cons:

  • Need more pop-up form templates.
  • The free plan needs more features.
  • Occasionally reported bugs.

Benchmark Email Pricing: Well-Sorted & Highly Affordable

Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More 6

Benchmark Email comes with total four plans in total: 

and Enterprise.

The pro plan offers one of the best value for money and features, but that doesn’t mean the other plans aren’t worthwhile. They are, too, but the pro one is more relevant to many businesses around the world.

You can make your choice based on your company’s needs.

Let’s look deeper into the Benchmark Email pricing plans.

Free Plan: ($0/month, 3,500 emails/mo, up to 500 contacts)

The Free plan, is totally a free plan – no hidden cost, and it also does not demand a credit card.

But in this free plan, you will see a small Benchmark logo at the bottom of your emails.

These are the glimpse of features you get in the free plan:

✅Design amazing emails, plus:

✅Capture new subscribers

✅Segment Lists

✅Track email performance

Lite Plan: Excellent for Starting ($8/month, 3,500 emails/mo, up to 500 contacts)

The lite plan’s actual cost is $9.99/mo. but if you pay annually then it will cost you $8/mo, which means there will be a 20% discount on taking an annual subscription.

If you need more contacts and emails then these are its prices below:

$16/month for 1000 contacts and 7,000 emails/month

$25/month for 2500 contacts and 17,500 emails/month

$42/month for 5000 contacts and 35,000 emails/month

$67/month for 10,000 contacts and 70,000 emails/month

These are the features:

✅Everything is Free, plus:

✅Remove Benchmark Branding

✅Schedule Emails

✅Publish Landing Pages

Pro Plan: Expand Your Audience ($13/month, 7,500 emails/mo, up to 500 contacts)

The Pro plan also offers a 10% to 20% discount on annual purchases, the before discount cost is $15/mo. It offers the best value for merchants and small to medium businesses.

Checkout the Pro pricing of more than 500 contacts:

$42/month for 1000 contacts and 15,000 emails/month

$47/month for 2500 contacts and 37,500 emails/month

$72/month for 5000 contacts and 75,000 emails/month

$93/month for 10,000 contacts and 150,000 emails/month

These are the features:

✅Everything in Lite, plus:

✅Automate customer journeys

✅A/B test email content

✅Gather feedback with surveys & polls

Enterprise Plan: Increase Your Growth (custom pricing, unlimited emails/mo, starts with 25,000 contacts)

The Enterprise plan is best for medium to large-scale businesses that have to send thousands of emails to thousands of contacts per month.

You need to contact the Benchmark email team for the custom pricing.

✅Everything in Pro, plus:

✅Unlimited sending

✅Protect your reputation with Dedicated IP

✅Launch quickly with managed account set-up

Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More 7

Benchmark Email: Affiliate Programme

Benchmark Email Review: Awesome Features, Great Pricing, & More 8

Now earns %25 of each sale/month.

Promote Benchmark’s variety of web marketing services to small businesses by enrolling in the affiliate program.

To receive recurring commissions each month, recommend Benchmark to your email list, social media followers, and website visitors.

Easy Joining:

  • The Sign up is totally free.
  • Publish your affiliate link.
  • Receive a recurring 25% commission for each referral.
  • Monthly commissions are paid.

Recurring Income:

You will receive 25% of the initial sale and recurring payments made by your affiliate link when they sign up for a paid account.

For example, you recommend a new customer who opens an account for $100 per month. 

For each month they continue to use Benchmark, you will receive $25, and if they upgrade their account, you will receive even more money. 

Benchmark Email: Alternatives

If you’re not comfortable with Benchmark then below are the other best options you should consider.

Server Price Free Emails
Constant Contact60-Day Free Trial To $9.99/monthFREE emails is limited for up to 100 unique contacts per campaign.
SendinblueFrom Free to $25/month300 emails/daily to unlimited contacts.
OmnisendThe plan varies from Free to $59/month (up to 500 contacts)Send 500 emails/mo with a free plan for Reach up to 250 contacts.
GetresponsePlans start from FREE to $15.58 per monthUnlimited Mails to 500 contacts/per month
MailchimpFree to $9.34/monthSend 2500 emails for up to 500 contacts for free
MoosendFree to Pro plan $7/monthUse all premium features free for 30 days
MailerLiteFree to $19/month for up to 1000 subscribers.You can send up to 1000 subscribers with 12,000 monthly emails for 1 user.

Benchmark Email: Our Decision

As you know, Benchmark email is affordable, effective, very easy to use, and offers quite a good service.

It does provide a free plan that doesn’t require a credit card, so it’s convenient for many people to try it out before going for a premium plan.

We Suggest: Go With Benchmark

If you’re a small and midsize business with tight budgets, it’s good to start with Benchmark Email.

Because of its user-friendly UI, adaptable layouts, and interactive list segmentation, Benchmark Email won’t let you down.

However, If you’re looking for something extraordinary then you can also go with Sendinblue, HubSpot Email marketing, or Mailerlite (which also has awesome free plans).

All in all, we do recommend choosing Benchmark Email.