Safest Email Provider - List Of Most Secure Email Providers

Safest Email Provider – List Of Most Secure Email Providers 2023

With the advancement of data breaches and hacking instances around the world, it has become imperative to keep your data and communication protected and secure. That’s why there is a very urgent need for the safest email providers so that your communication remain anonymous and protected. Privacy is currently the most sought after issue when every data is shared and is being used against you.

Every passing day someone comes up with some new tool to sneak around and go after your data and use your communication to manipulate and deceive you. Hence I have compiled the list of the most secure email providers for your marketing needs so that the data of your clients and your communication with them remain secure. Later I have discussed some of the best secure email account providers that you can use for personal communication.

In this article, we will talk about the following topics –

  1. Safest Mail Services for Email Marketing
  2. Most Secure Email Account Providers for Personal Use

Let’s now talk about some of the best secure email services which give individual confidence in their transactions which can only be possible due to safest mail.

Safest Mail Services for Email Marketing

  1. SendinBlue
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Mailify
  4. Pepipost

1. SendinBlue

sendinblue logo
sendinblue logo

Email is the most economical way to communicate with your prospects or pursue them into buying your service through detailed targeting. Sendinblue follows all the GDPR regulations and is a pretty secure mail provider. Sendinblue is the best choice for small and medium businesses. As you can start with it without any cost.

Sendinblue encrypts the outgoing (TLS protocol) and incoming emails (SHA256 encryption protocol).

Data is stored in various locations across European Union and data centers have fairly good security to stop it from getting breached.

SendinBlue Pricing

Sendinblue lets you send 9000 free emails every month. There are different plans according to your requirements. Sendinblue has something to offer for everyone.

You can also check out our analysis of Sendinblue pricing.

Check out the Sendinblue plans across different categories:

FreeLiteEssential PremiumEnterprise
300 emails/day40,000 emails/mo60,000 emails/mo120,000 emails/moQuote for Advanced needs
sendinblue pricing
sendinblue pricing

SendinBlue Features

If you serve your customers well, your customers will reciprocate! Your customers help you in building your brand image. Every successful business realizes the importance of having a well-crafted brand image and that can be curated only through effective targeting and communication with your customers. Sendinblue ensures that you enjoy complete privacy when you are communicating with your prospects. Read about Sendinblue GDPR compliance.

Here are some of the features that prompted us to make Sendinblue number one in our list of safest email providers:

  • Sendinblue takes personal data protection very seriously. It has a data protection officer (Mail – [email protected]) allocated for any security concerns or data breaches. You can ping the email to get immediate assistance.
  • With Sendinblue you can create personalised email campaigns in the safest environment, which keeps your communication with your customers encrypted and help in avoiding. SendInBlue offers a personalized and safest email creation providing the most secure email services. It takes care of the different user’s needs and hence offer 70+ email templates to choose from and deliver your idea in the most presentable manner. Read more about Sendinblue features heresendinblue-responsive-design-templates
  • Sendinblue is known for its email automation capabilities, you can get huge conversions if you send emails at the right time, each individual has a different habit to open his/her emails. You can use Sendinblue AI to learn from the past opening habits and automate sending emails at the time your recipient is most likely to read the mail. You can sign up here and start sending free emails.
  • You can also do A/B testing using Sendinblue so that you optimize your campaigns and get the best results out of your campaigns.
  • Sendinblue offers a transactional email feature, in which you can root all your automated emails that are triggered through your visitor’s actions through their SMTP Servers, so that they land up in the inbox and help you increase your conversions. Read about how to use free transactional email providers here.
sendinblue transactional email
sendinblue transactional email
  • SendInBlue can be integrated with different tools like WordPress, Salesforce, Shopify, PayPal and many others thereby reaching out to SendinBlue CRM, event management, E-commerce and Analytics areas among others. Click to browse different integration platforms of SendInBlue
  • Read Detailed SendinBlue Review here. Below are some of the features offered by varied pricing plans:

    Read about the best free autoresponders out there and which email autoresponders let you send free emails.

    Here is the list of best email marketing services available !! Some of the them are free and some are paid. I have tried to cover all the popular email services online.

    2. Constant Contact

    constant contact new logo

    Constant contact is number second on our list of secure email providers, It is a very reliable email provider. Constant contact is used by thousands of medium and small businesses to capture leads, automate their emails, etc. across the globe. You can check out how Constant Contact helps you comply with GDPR compliance.

    Constant Contact provides templates that are at par with the modern needs along with easy mobile optimization for customizing the professional mails catering to different sectors, like, non-profits to retail. Constant Contact maintains the highest level of security be it physical, host, software security etc.


    constant contact new homepage

    Constant Contact Pricing

    Constant Contact offers free 10,000 emails every month for a trial period. One the trial period is over you can either choose the most basic plan for $5 monthly that will allow you to keep sending 10,000 emails monthly, or you can go for their email plus plan, which starts with $20 that lets you send unlimited emails to 500 contacts & lets you store 10,000 contacts.

    If you are looking for best email services. Check out our blog here.

    Here are the contact wise plans for you –

    • 10,000 emails | $5 | Every Month
    • Unlimited Emails | 500 Subscribers | $20 | Monthly + (First Month Free)
    • Unlimited Emails | 500-2500 Subscribers | $45 | Monthly + (First Month Free)
    • Unlimited Emails | 2501 – 5000 Subscribers | $65 | Monthly + (First Month Free)
    • Unlimited Emails | 5001 – 10,000 Subscribers | $95 | Monthly + (First Month Free)
    • Unlimited Emails | 10,001 – 15,000 Subscribers | $195 | Monthly + (First Month Free)


    constant contact pricing

    If you go for a pre-paid 6 monthly plan or annual plan you get 15% on the pricing, Check out the image below!!

    Safest Email Provider - List Of Most Secure Email Providers 2023 1

    Constant Contact Features

    Let’s talk about some of the features Constant Contact offers you –

    • Marketing automation– You can use Constant Contact to build stronger customer relationships by automating your emails according to the actions of the potential user. You can also automate your emails to those who haven’t opened your mails and target them again. Thus ensuring a wide reach. You can read more about automation features here.
      constant contact feature
    • Email Marketing– You can use Constant Contact to reach out to your leads and pursue them to convert, through email marketing automation. It offers a hell lot of features surrounding email marketing and leads capturing like pre-made templates. contact forms etc.
    • Contact Management– You can import & update contacts from multiple platforms where contacts are stored like salesforce or excel with ease. Also, you can make changes in the platforms like inactivating, updating contact information, unsubscribing contacts and all these changes will automatically be reflected in your constant contact account.
    • Easy Editing– Constant Contact helps the Emails to be accessible easily in a mobile interface. Easy customization along with a professionally designed template becomes interesting and eye-catchy to potential clients.
    • Beyond Conventional Way– It also offers you interactive ways to collect leads like online surveys, coupons etc.

    Read constant contact features in detail here

    3. Mailify


    Mailify by Sarbacane Software is a France-based Email Marketing Company, which was founded in 2001. Mailify was started as software for companies that wanted to manage their data in-house and keep their data protected. It uses to be software for your computer and you need to install it, but now they are diversifying the capabilities and now you can use Mailify as webmail as well to keep your communications safe. Mailify is well versed in acknowledging the importance of data and has a very proficient team.

    They offer a premium service with very good UI and UX and they are probably the best email service for privacy out there. The service that they offer can be perfectly used to create perfect drip marketing campaigns.

    I personally loved their website it’s just SIMPLE, SUBTLE, AND CLASSY!

    mailify website

    Mailify sunshine can be used to automate your emails and create sophisticated funnels.

    The feature that I loved the most was the option of choosing which data you want to upload to their cloud! You can read all about why you should choose Mailify here

    Mailify Pricing

    Mailify offers a trial plan for the first month. After that, you need to opt for the paid plan. They have a very different pricing plan which is based on the number of emails you send you can add any number of subscribers to the list.


    mailify pricing

    Mailify Features

    Here are some of the top features of Mailify –

    1. They have a very good email emulator. You can easily check out how the email will be visible on various platforms like Android phones, iOS devices etc.
    2. Mailify already has knowledge of data security and understands the space better than most secure email providers out there.
    3. They offer a huge variety of templates to choose from, you can easily design your emails and send them fast. You can check out the Mailify advanced email builder here.Mailify Email template
    4. You can manage, analyse and use the data of your contacts habits to create powerful funnels. They have a very powerful CRM.
    5. Mailify offers very good deliverability of your emails as it has data centres across the globe so that your emails reach the competitors fast and land in the inbox. mailify features
    6. Like all the other email providers you can track the open rates, clicks and reach of your campaigns. But it’s advanced reporting features is the real treat which is a substantial addition to the emails.



    Pepipost is the latest addition to the SMTP providers, Pepipost focuses on creating a spam-free exchange of emails. Pepipost has good deliverability and most of your emails will reach the inbox.

    Pepipost Pricing

    You can send around 3000 free emails using pepipost, after that you need to opt for a paid plan –

    • You can send 150,000 emails for $25 + Additional 1000 emails at $0.60
    • You can send 400,000 emails for $85 + Additional 1000 emails at $0.55
    • You can send 600,000 emails for $145 + Additional 1000 emails at $0.50 and so on.

    You can check the detailed price plans here. 

    pepipost pricing

    Pepipost Features

    Let’s find out why we have Pepipost on our list of safest mail providers, what Pepipost has to offer –

    • Artificial IntelligencePipipost uses AI to deliver your emails in a smart way, it also has a sent time optimization feature according to the best time to send the emails. Read more about AI offered by pepipost SMTP here.
    • Email APIYou can use the Email API feature to access different functions like email generation or dashboard metrics. Read in detail the pepipost features here 
    • WebhooksYou get full control through webhooks, you can access email delivery rate, subscription rate, clicks, bounce rate etc. which can be used to send more targeted emails which can increase your conversion rate exponentially.
    • Bounce forwardingPepipost offers real-time bounce email forwarding, when you send a campaign it will check if the email Id that you uses is correct, if not it will notify you and give you a option to correct the email Id so you can send the email again.
    • Security– For Pepipost, security is a crucial factor. The company has created the infrastructure for ensuring privacy and security and thereby being the safest email provider. For more information on the security aspect, click here.

    “Learn the secrets about Free SMTP Servers and how to use them to send FREE EMAILS If you dont know what is an SMTP Server then you can check out our article explaining SMTP, SMTP Server and their difference in detail

    Most Secure Email Account Providers for Personal Use

    1. Mailfence
    2. ProtonMail
    3. Tutanota


    mailfence logo

    Mailfence has to be the #1 in our list of secure email providers. When you think of mailfence, you must be looking for a secure email provider that lets you send emails securely. It has one of the best email encryption and digital signatures. The key focus of the company is to provide privacy and secured transfer of content.

    Mailfence Pricing

    Mailfence offers very diversified plans –

    • Free – Trial Plan
    • Entry Plan (2.5 € / Month, 5 GB emails,10 alias, 12 GB documents etc.)
    • Pro Plan (7.5 € / Month, 20 GB emails,50 alias, 24 GB documents etc.)
    • Ultra Plan (25 € / Month, 50 GB emails,100 alias, 70 GB documents etc.)

    If you are just starting out, you can start with the lowest level plan and, then upgrade the plan. Their focus is on the optimum utilization of the resources for the businesses. Click here to explore Mailfence

    mailfence pricing

    Mailifence Features

    Mailfence offers robust encryption protocol, which makes your communication safe and secure, here is why Mailfence if top safest email account provider in the world –

    • Private Email: Mailfence believes in delivering the safest mail and acts as the safest email provider by ensuring that emails are protected without any tracking and no government surveillance. Read in detail about Mailfence private email feature
    • Key store: Businesses can make, manage, issue their emails through OpenPGP. There is no need to installing anything and full control is offered by Mailfence.
    • Encryption: With the help of encryption, the communication becomes private and it also offers 2 factor authentication. mailfence features
    • Digital Signatures– Digital Signatures helps in making Mailfence the most secure email provider. These signatures let the recipient know that the particular email is sent by the respective individual/business. It eliminates the chances of forging the address of the sender.  Read about all the Mailfence features here

    Due to such extensive security features Mailfence in the most secure email provider online.


    proton mail logo

    Companies are lurking to keep their communication safe and they are constantly dealing with data leaks and hacking attempts. Bulk common email account services like Yahoo mail or Gmail might sometimes compromise on the privacy aspect. But, with ProtonMail, the privacy of an account holder is above all, hence, providing the most secure free email platform. It is the safest mail available online for sure.

    ProtonMail Pricing

    ProtonMail offers different plans ranging from FREE, PLUS, PROFESSIONAL and VISIONARY. You can upgrade your plans anytime you deem fit, also all the plans offer good privacy and secure communication. The sending limit, storage custom domains, additional address and many more features get unlocked as and when the person moves higher in the plans. You can check out the  ProtonMail PRICING Here.

    In the free plan you get 500 MB storage and you can send 150 free emails per day.

    protonmail features

    ProtonMail Features

    • Encryption– It is designed in a manner so that the staff have nil access and understanding thereby not giving a platform to share the mails or even read them in the first place. Isn’t it interesting that the emails are encrypted even before it enters into the servers of ProtonMail minimizing or removing the possibility of hackers or scammers peeping into the content?
    • Address verification– PGP encryption of email is given and address can be verified giving assurance that the communications is taking place with the intended individual.
    • No personal information– Many websites ask for the personal information of the account bolder, however, with ProtonMail, there is no such issue. Also, IP logs are not saved and hence cannot be attached with the email, therefore bringing anonymity in communication. 
    • Swiss Based– Since the company is Switzerland based and is run through their privacy laws which are one of the most safest in the world, the business is highly protected thereby making ProtonMail as the safest email provider. Check out the ProtonMail security features here
    • Infrastructure Redundancy– There are chances that data can be lost in catastrophic situations, however, this feature of ProtonMail helps in replicating the encrypted emails multiple times in their storage systems. Hence, data is protected even iin the worst condition.


    tutanota logo

    Tutanota is one of the safest email Provider out there. It boasts of being the safest email service out there on its website. It has entered our list of most secured email service providers due to its security features and easy to use design. It is the most secure free email available for sure.

    Safest Email Provider - List Of Most Secure Email Providers 2023 2

    Tutanota Pricing

    You can start using Tutanota for free. With its free plan, you get one calender and 1 GB storage. The premium plan starts with just 12 Euros when paid yearly, you can make multiple domain email addresses along with multiple calendars. You can read about there plans in details here

    tutanota pricing

    Tutanota Features

    Tutanota comes packed with some of the most powerful security features. Check out the image below to check out there features in detail. They provide end to end encryption and a 2FA. So it is secure from attackers. You can read in-depth about tutanota security features here


    mailbox website screenshot

    Mailbox is a Germany based company. I was particularly impressed with there powerful features. The biggest advantage it is easily compatible with third-party email clients and mobile apps too. They offer add free services with a 30-day free trial. The price point is also very lucrative starting just $1 per month it is for sure the most economical service out there for sending secure mails.

    Mailbox Pricing

    You can try Mailbox at just 1 euro per month and you get 2GB free mail storage, 100 MB cloud storage along with 3 email aliases. You can sign up here for just 1 Euro

    mailbox pricing

    Mailbox Features

    Mailbox offers sophisticated security features and is definitely one of the best email account provider for privacy. Let’s see why mailbox landed up in our list –

    1. It uses enhanced green security certificates by independent swiss sign organisation based in Switzerland along with mailbox employ (EC)DHE algorithms that use Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). Read in detail about the encryption mailbox uses here
    2. Mailbox offer’s powerful data protection and are one of the safest email providers in the world. Read in detail about there data protection feature heremailbox
    3. Through advance tools they will provide protection from trojan attacks and spammers.
    mailbox feature

    General FAQ’s

    What is the most secure free email?

    ProtonMail is the most secure free email account available. While SendinBlue is the most secure email provider for email marketing.

    Which is the most secure mail?

    The most secure mail are the ProtonMail for email account and SendinBlue for sending emails to your subscribers.

    Which is Most secure email app for android?

    1. Mailfence
    2. ProtonMail
    3. Tutanota

    List of most secure email providers?

    1. ProtonMail
    2. Mailfence
    3. Tutanota

    What is the most secure email provider 2021?

    1. ProtonMail
    3. Mailfence
    4. Tutanota
    5. Hushmail
    6. RunBox

    Best encrypted email services?

    1. ProtonMailProtonMail is the best-encrypted email service out there.
    2. CounterMail – They provide more than 4,000 different types of PGP encryption keys, They are the most secured email service on earth.
    3. Mailfence– A well-known name in the list of safest email providers, mailfence is fully encrypted to keep your emails safe.
    4. TutanotaTutanota is also a very good encrypted email service.

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