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Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive? How to avoid bounce back? Hacks Unveiled!

We all deal with emails every day and it has become an essential part four lives, be it corporates or individuals, we all have wondered at some point of time about the question “Are email addresses case sensitive?”. For technical or personal reasons, both businesses and people create various email addresses. Various combinations of upper and lower case letters that soon becomes a mark of your brand. You must have heard of the case-sensitive concept, and if not, let’s dive into the world of case sensitivity and how it affects email addresses.

We will cover the following topics in this article –

  1. Email Address Standards
  2. Are email addresses case sensitive?
  3. International symbols
  4. Special Characters
  5. Handling of different things by email services
  6. Best practices for creating a valuable email address
  7. So what next?

Email Address Standards

In the digital world, everything revolves around compliance with existing requirements that a company/individual needs to meet to build their account. Otherwise, the email servers will not recognize the text. In addition, in the vast digital world, the wrong command or syntax can leave you overwhelmed.

According to Statista, By 2024, email users will reach 4.48 Billion. Now that’s a very big number!!

Having said that, the number of people that are using emails is increasing at an astounding rate. Not only this but there will be so many email addresses created per individual or business in the future. For example – all my friends have an average of 5 emails. That’s a lot of emails! Right? Hence, in order to protect its users, there is a need to develop email address standards. When creating an email address, you must think about what these requirements are and what should be kept in mind. Don’t worry, you have to know the majority of these requirements, but you may not be conscious of them as standards. Let’s look at these norms quickly and clear up your uncertainty.

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Username Standards:

All the details you put before the @ symbol is the local part of the text, or the username in simple words. You can use any number from 0-9 when building a username and can use Latin characters of up to 64 characters. The username is a person or company’s unique address, and no one can build the same username as yours. It’s not so easy to comply with the regular username! 

Domain Standards:

It is the information that follows after the @ symbol that helps the web to understand to whom the email should be sent. Similar to the default username, any number from 0 to 9 can be used, but not 64, but 255 characters can be used.

A valid email address is important if you are creating/opening a social media account or need to purchase anything online. [email protected] should contain the correct email address.

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Are email addresses case sensitive?

The simple answer to this question is NO. Emails are not case-sensitive. People check the correct capitalization before sending out any emails. The question, however, is what happens if you write your email without looking into the correct capitalization of email addresses? Don’t worry, your email will be delivered.

Another question is, in the address field, are emails case-sensitive?  NO is the answer to this question also. That being said, there may be exceptions to this occasionally. To explain this better, let’s take email accounts with different case-sensitive combinations or with the same address for different upper and lower case letters.

[email protected]

[email protected]

The above 2 email addresses just have different lower and upper case combinations. However, one will not choose the second address since it takes a long time to decipher. Also, sometimes, the interpretation of the capitalization cannot be deciphered correctly by an outdated program/server.

Often, some free email server’s can not correctly understand the difference between lower and upper cases.

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Confusion and communication problems may occur with the username if the email address is sensitive. There is a high risk, that your messages will not likely be sent to the desired address. There are only a few email services that correct the address if the email address is wrongly typed (in case of case sensitivity). So, your mistake gets corrected automatically and the message is sent without any error. However several times, if the username is incorrect, the message is still sent but to the wrong address. Therefore, when creating your email address, be alert and wise.

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International symbols

Are you curious if an email address can be created in foreign symbols? Not only foreigners but also citizens with an overseas organisation are familiar with other languages that do not use Latin characters or alphabets. Don’t worry!! Sendinblue is here to your rescue.

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Foreign symbols are supported by Sendinblue. And when there are non-Latin or ASCII characters in the username of a contact’s email address, Clients can send their email campaigns even when there are non-Latin or ASCII characters in the username of the contact’s email address.

Do you know that Unicode acts as a bridge that helps in bringing together the Latin symbols and international symbols? Through Unicode, emails can be received and sent in different languages such as Japanese or German. All the email service providers don’t support international symbols. However, why to worry when the hustle-free way to create email addresses in a foreign language other than Latin through Sendinblue is just one click away. Create Sendinblue account with international characters in an email address.

Let me inform you, however, that a massive bulk of email correspondence is carried out by encoding standards for ASCII or Latin symbols. This is the basic syntax where communication takes place between various devices and computers, as well as text language.

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Special Characters

While creating your email address, there are several unique characters that can be used in your email address. Different requirements are, however, enforced by various providers. Generally, email servers consider the below characters as unique characters. 

! # $ % & ‘ * + – = ^ _ {} ~

You may not have seen these characters being used in any of the email addresses, you must be wondering if the biggest email service (Gmail) allows special character while creating your email address. Any guesses?. Uh, YES!! You got it right. Gmail doesn’t allow any of the special characters listed above.

& = _ ‘ – + ,

Gmail does not permit the above characters. In email addresses, not only this but less than and more than brackets are not permitted. It is true that unique addresses will make you stand out from general addresses, but resisting the use of special characters is fine.

Handling of different things by email services

You must be having a range of questions around case-sensitive email addresses and all big email servers have case-sensitive email addresses. Gmail and other internet service providers that capture a wide market share such as Outlook or Yahoo normally take a neutral approach to case-sensitive username addresses, one of the largest ISPs, i.e. Individuals and companies can, can use upper case letters in their username.

Not common to cause issues in receiving as well as sending messages having uppercase letters in one’s email address.    

Best practices for creating a valuable email address

When typing the email address for login or the email address of the recipient for sending out messages, nobody wants to get confused. One needs a simple address in our busy lives, which is also remembered by the receiver along with the internet service providers. After a day-long work, no one wants to put efforts to remember a tricky mail address.

Here are a few tips that can help you in creating a good email address:

Restricted use of periods: Surely spaces can make your email address readable. However, their usage is limited by some email providers.

Uppercase Letters– By avoiding uppercase letters, there is a reduction of server confusion which makes the email address more readable.

Simple– In order to memorize them quickly with zero hustle, the email address needs to be simple. Let us maintain special characters for posting on social media sites 😀

Following the standards– Create that email address that follows the email best practices.

So what next?

So now you must be equipped with the knowledge of “Are emails case sensitive”. Since you now understand the syntax for email addresses, you could now help others understand the same and tell them where to go if they need to use email addresses for International symbols.

Just make sure that you are happy with how your email address looks like and check the requirements for your domain name provided by your Email servers. I think we have answered all your questions about are emails case-sensitive?

General FAQ’s

Are outlook rules case sensitive?

The email characters should match to send emails to the right address, if the email address is correct it doesn’t matter if the address is in upper case or lower case. But some email servers do have an issue recognizing the Upper case letters. I highly recommend using the exact same match address to avoid bounce back. Outlook rules are not case sensitive!!

Are Gmail addresses case sensitive?

The Gmail addresses do not support case sensitivity.

Do capital letters matter in email addresses Gmail?

Lower or capital letters act as same in the email arena on the Internet. There is no distinction made in the lower or upper case letters by computer servers. For instance, [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected] are same for servers.

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