AWeber Review: Features, Pricing & More

AWeber Review

$0 - Free 3000 emails every month

Ease of use


Automation Capability











  • It offers Canva
  • Most affordable among others
  • Spam prevention feature
  • Easily integrate third-party tools
  • Dozens of awesome landing page templates


  • Doesn't allow importing contacts from other providers.
  • Customer support only in English.

As we all know there are tons of email marketing tools out there so people have become selective these days. And one of the tools that currently makes heeds with the online community is AWeber.

So we decided to dig into the tool and see what they’re offering.

Well, AWeber is considered best when it comes to solid performance, auto-responders, and quality features that make sending emails effortless.

More than 140,000 businesses, affiliate marketers, and bloggers use AWeber to help expand their businesses using AWeber’s best email marketing tools. 

Through the use of email marketing software, AWeber helps businesses develop more quickly. This includes time-saving automated emails and deliverability that leads the industry.

Let’s look at this more in-depth so you can determine if this is the right platform for you to use.

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AWeber Review: Email Marketing for Small To Medium-Level Businesses

AWeber Review Homepage

It can be time-consuming to manually create and send individual emails to your whole client list. This is where autoresponder software and email marketing services like AWeber come in.

When we compared AWeber to other email marketing platforms on the market today, we chose it because of its comprehensive marketing capabilities for high-volume campaigns and award-winning support.

AWeber also provides pre-designed reports and email templates to help you easily create and share your most popular emails.

Using AWeber to help develop a personal touch among your business and its clients is a legit marketing technique that allows you to generate customer loyalty.

However, a personal touch with consumers is equally crucial, which is where AWeber shines!

AWeber allows you to receive real-time feedback from your consumers, putting you in a better position to enhance your business.

AWeber Features: Awesome Features That Add Value To Your Business

AWeber Features page

AWeber helps small businesses in developing efficient email marketing campaigns that increase loyalty, engagement, and revenues.

Not only does the firm provide hundreds of unique email design possibilities, but it also gives you a lot of control over when, how, and where these emails are sent.

AWeber Deliverability: Emails That Goes Straight To Inbox Not To Spam

Email Deliverability Aweber

How can you be sure that the emails you sent to your customers or for your business purpose successfully reached a valid inbox?

You’ll never know. But you can embrace the best practices that prevent your email goes to the spam box.

You have greater chances for more open rates, clicks, and engagement when your emails are noticed.

So for that, you need to select an email platform that delivers a large proportion of your emails to recipients’ inboxes.

That’s where the AWeber comes in. To identify who is doing what, they have an internal reputation management system that continuously watches dozens of email signals.

Their experienced deliverability team can analyze this data to identify attempted email abuse in real time and delete any accounts with doubtful sending behavior.

Top Email Deliverability Tools You May Want to Consider:

  1. Sendinblue: Top-notch deliverability | Free plan with up to 9000 emails/month | Check pricing
  2. Constant Contact: Unmatch deliverability | 60-day free plan to try out most of the features | Check pricing
  3. Hubspot: High email deliverability | Send free 2000 emails/month | Too many useful features | Starting plan $45/mo | Check pricing
  4. AWeber: Smooth deliverability goes to inbox | Free plan – send 3,000 emails per month to 500 subscribers | Check pricing
  5. Cleverreach: Best worldwide deliverability | 1000 free emails for up to 250 recipients | Check pricing

AWeber Marketing Automation:

Marketing Automation AWeber

AWeber is easy at automation.

You can create an automatic email using AWeber to increase views, and purchases, traffic.

AWeber’s auto newsletter function helps make sure that your audience never misses your content again, whether you want to promote a new project, welcome new subscribers, or send an abandoned cart reminder email.

With new product emails, you may generate more purchases right away. Also, you can include the most recent updates to your Etsy store in welcome emails, emails sent in response to abandoned carts, and continuous follow-up series.

What’s more?

AWeber keeps track of link clicks and email opens from your audience. 

It will either send the following email in the sequence or delete the contact from the workflow depending on how your audience responds.

Its marketing automation tool will help get you more blog traffic.


Create your newsletter once, choose how often you want to send it, and then focus on creating content.

You’ll get more pageviews from its Auto Newsletter, which sends out emails automatically whenever you publish a new blog article.

Industry’s Other Best Marketing Automation Tools:

  1. Sendinblue: Marketing automation limited to 2000 contacts | Free plan $0/month, unlimited contacts | Check pricing
  2. HubSpot Marketing Hub: 1 automated action | starting at $45/month for up to 1000 contacts | Check pricing
  3. Constant Contact: Automated welcome email for new contacts | core plan $9.99/month, up to 500 contacts | Check pricing
  4. Moosend: All automation features | free trial for 30 days | automation workflows | Check pricing
  5. Omnisend: All paid plans’ automation features in the free plan | Free 500 emails for up to 250 contacts/mo | Check pricing

AWeber Subscriber Segmenting: Segment your list

Subscriber Segmenting AWeber

This is another cool feature of AWeber is subscriber segmenting.

The data that is kept in the system can be used to establish client segments. 

Using segments is a great way to increase email relevance and reduce expenses by sending emails less frequently.

Furthermore, AWeber can assist you with its segmented subscriber feature if you want your emails to have higher clickthrough rates, open rates, and sales.

Custom tags, clicks, opens, visits, transactions, locations, purchases, and sign-up forms are just a few of the ways you might categorize your subscribers.

Create Segments Aweber

The system from AWeber can make dynamic segments to assist you in sending more appropriate and customized emails to your audience.

By encouraging your audience to complete custom fields or asking them to provide information about a good or service they are interested in, you can create a section that is even more tailored to them.

AWeber Split Testing (A/B testing):

One of the highly useful features that an email marketing tool must have.

Well, as a small business or blogger you must have information that which email is getting the most opens, clicks, engagement, and sales.

Which can be done through A/B testing.

You can utilize this feature by creating and sending two emails to two different groups of customers, and then you can check your results of yourself.

You’ll see how valuable was using the split test.

AWeber A/B testing live results

This will give you an insight into which one of your emails was stand out and which one didn’t.

It’s easy with AWeber to create groups of customers and send out customized emails with Split testing.

When split testing with AWeber, you may send around three variants of your newsletter, and you can experiment with different variants.

Some Other Best A/B Testing – Slipt Testing Tools:

  1. Sendinblue: A/B testing available to Business plan | Free plan $0/month, unlimited contacts | Check pricing
  2. HubSpot: A/B testing only in professional and enterprise plans | starting at $45/month for up to 1000 contacts | Check pricing
  3. Mailchimp: Best A/B testing in every plan except the free one | Send 2500 free emails every month for up to 500 contacts | Check pricing
  4. Benchmark Email: Only available to pro and enterprise plans | 3500 emails/mo for up to 500 contacts | Check pricing

AWeber Analytics and Reporting:

AWeber set itself apart from other tools by making a sincere effort to meet consumers’ needs.

The reports that are produced are extensive and complete, and they contain important performance indicators such as email opens, new subscribers, clicks over time, ad tracking, subscriber growth, subscriber location, and much more.

Through the company’s email dashboard, the data is always accessible.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to choose a default report type from a list of alternatives that includes charts, percentages, and common raw figures.

Overall, AWeber gives you detailed information regardless of the format you use, enabling you to design better and more successful campaigns.

Discussing AWeber’s Pros/Cons:

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of AWeber. 


  • Canva: The first company to offer Canva. Your email and landing page builders already have it built in. That means you don’t have to leave for every minor design modification.
  • Free plan: As long as you have fewer than 500 subscribers, you can use the free plan to test out AWeber.
  • Affordability: AWeber is more affordable than many providers. AWeber includes unlimited email sends and lists.
  • Protection from Spam: AWeber offers spam prevention to make sure all of your emails reach their intended recipients.
  • Support: 24/7 customer support is available. (live chat, email, and phone).

However, there is a tonne of informational resources, including videos and knowledge-based publications.

  • Support Third-party Tools: You may easily import plenty of tools and applications from third-party sources with AWeber.
  • Landing page templates:

There are dozens of incredibly attractive landing page templates and numerous categories, so whatever your industry, you’re sure to discover something you like.


  • Import Contacts: AWeber does not allow you to import your contact lists from other providers.
  • Support: AWeber’s customer support is limited to English only.

AWeber’s Pricing:

Here comes the most important part which can make or break anyone’s decision.

AWeber has well-sorted plans for businesses:

AWeber’s Pricing

There are basically two plans offered by AWeber: “Free” and “Pro”.

AWeber Free Plan: (3,000 emails/month, Up to 500 Subscribers)

The perfectly made plan for startups, small businesses/agencies, and bloggers who are just starting out.

Compared to most email marketing platforms, this free AWeber’s plan has a lot more functionality. 

It offers a lot on its free plans such as Landing Page, Email automation, Web push notification, drag & drop builder, various email templates, and a lot more.

This is definitely enough options for small businesses and as they grow they can switch its the pro plan.

AWeber Pro Plan: (Unlimited Emails, Up to 500 Subscribers, $16.15/month)

AWeber’s pro plan is the beast for the majority of businesses.

There’s a subscription to a pro plan is $19.99 (up to 500 subscribers). But if to billed annually then it’d cost you around $16.15. Which is completely effective and affordable.

AWeber offers an awesome 19.2% discount on an annual subscription.

However, If you have more than 25k subscribers then you gotta call their sales team at 1-877-293-2371. 

Because the price is only displayed for up to 25000 subscribers.

In the pro plan, you get full access to everything in their pro plans such as Unlimited email lists, Split testing, Detailed insights, and analytics, Advanced email automation, Remove AWeber branding, Webpage & sales tracking, and so on.

AWeber Pricing Comparison
AWeber Pricing Comparison
AWeber Pricing Comparison
AWeber Pricing Comparison

AWeber Affiliate Program: Hands Down The Highest Referral Payout In The Industry

AWeber Affiliate Program

Yes you read it right.

If someone buys AWeber Pro by your link, you will continue to receive referral fees of up to 50% for the duration of their subscription.

The AWeber’s advocate program is a fantastic choice, regardless of whether you are new to affiliate marketing or an experienced pro.

✔ There is no cost to sign up.

✔ You receive dedicated advocate management.

✔ Payments are sent digitally via PayPal.

AWeber also provides a tonne of helpful training and materials that can help you increase your income.

Each time that client pays us, you will be given a referral payment from the same account. Therefore, if an advocate is consistently paying AWeber, you get paid for every payment they make.

Join the AWeber Affiliate Program, If you haven’t done so yet.

AWeber Alternatives:

In case, you didn’t like the AWeber, then we’ve plenty of other good options as well, which you can check out below:

Server Price Free Emails
OmnisendPlan varies from Free to $59/month (up to 500 contacts)Send 500 emails/mo with a free plan to Reach up to 250 contacts.
SendinblueFrom Free to $25/month300 emails/daily to unlimited contacts.
GetresponsePlans starting from FREE to $15.58 per monthUnlimited Mails to 500 contacts/per month
Constant Contact60-Day Free Trial To $9.99/monthFREE emails are limited to up to 100 unique contacts per campaign.
ConvertKitFrom Free to $9/month for up to 300 subscribersSend unlimited emails free for 300 subscribers only. 
MailerLiteFree to $19/month for up to 1000 subscribers.You can send up to 1000 subscribers with 12,000 monthly emails for 1 user.

Should You Use AWeber?

After reviewing AWeber features, benefits, and costs, we can conclude that it’s ideal for small businesses and agencies that require straightforward, reasonably priced email marketing services with classic customer service.

You always get full access to all of their features, regardless of how many members you have unless you’re using the free plan, of course. 

AWeber is a good email marketing service overall since it offers its subscribers cutting-edge marketing solutions for large-scale campaigns.

You must give it a shot!