CleverReach: Review, Pricing & Features – The ultimate guide

Cleverreach Review

€0 - 1,000 emails/month for up to 250 recipients

Customer Service


Ease of Use




Sending Emails


Tracking & Statistics


Value for Money



  • Great Price/performance Ratio
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • Free Up to 250 Recipients
  • Beginner-friendly User Interface
  • Best Deliverability Rate


  • Editing Options Are Limited
  • Limited Functionality in Free Version

In this article, we’ll discuss CleverReach and evaluate it thoroughly. Since its launch, it has grown significantly, especially in the email marketing automation market. Additionally, it offers services such as landing pages, email funnels, SMS marketing, etc.

You’ll see that practically all small, medium and large businesses use emails in some way to communicate with their clients, whether it’s to wish them a happy anniversary, remind them about an abandoned shopping cart, send them an update about a new product feature, etc.

The most common method of communication will be emailed in the coming years. What should you do if your worklist is extensive? For this purpose, use a free SMTP server.

With well-designed features, user-friendly editors, creators, and builders, good support, potent analytical tools, and a wealth of capabilities, CleverReach is a great email marketing solution. Additionally, it’s one of the few tools with a free version

  1. CleverReach- A complete overview
  2. CleverReach Features 
  3. CleverReach Cons- Drawbacks
  4. CleverReach Pricing: Comparison of the plans?
  5. Affiliate Program for CleverReach
  6. CleverReach Alternatives
  7. Conclusion
  8. Faqs

CleverReach Review: Let’s take a look!

CleverReach is a web-based email marketing software for organizing contacts and email campaigns. a cloud-based service that facilitates the creation and analysis of email marketing campaigns for businesses globally. 

With its extensive expertise in targeted marketing campaigns, the email marketing campaign software enables you to manage up to 250 recipients and send up to 1000 messages every month without paying a cent.

The service’s wide range of options allows it to satisfy the demands of both newcomers and businesses or organizations. The solution is appropriate for any market because of its superb plugin compatibility, eCommerce system or CMS connection options, and total GDPR compliance.

Additionally, it is reasonably priced, offers an easy drag-and-drop editor, and enables users to build sophisticated automated campaigns without any prior programming experience.

CleverReach Features: Why You Should Choose CleverReach Over Others?

CleverReach comes with amazing features. With its neat and clean layout system and unmatchable pricing, CleverReach is getting more appreciation all over the world. We gather some best features of CleverReach which are as follows:-

CleverReach Marketing Automation using Email

Cleverreach Marketing Automation using Email

Most email marketing is in the global markets. But they do have not a good email automation process. Even the most effective email marketing campaign is pointless if subscribers don’t receive your newsletters. 

For the second time in a row, deliverability leader CleverReach dominates the market. 

What Are Some Other Effective Marketing Automation Tools?

  1. SendinBlue: Workflow Editor | Page Tracking | Marketing Automation – limited to 2000 contacts | Free 9000 emails/mo, unlimited contacts | Check pricing
  2. Constant Contact: Automated email marketing | Automated welcome email for new contacts | 60-day free trial | Check pricing
  3. HubSpot: Email automation | 1 automated action & 1 automated email per form in free plan | industry best automation | 2000 free emails/mo | Check pricing

CleverReach Configuration & Usage

Cleverreach Usage
Source: enlyft

The CleverReach website is clean, easy to navigate, and has simple registration. Users of the free version can send up to 250 recipients 1,000 emails each month. If you’re just getting started, CleverReach provides free video tutorials that go through the service’s features and functions in greater detail.

CleverReach automatically adds a DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) signature to every email it sends. CleverReach is on most ISPs’ allow lists because it belongs to the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). 

This ensures that all requirements are satisfied so that your mailing list subscribers receive your communications and do not mark them as spam.

The service is quite simple to set up because, if desired, you can send newsletters immediately using the email address you used to sign up without making any extra settings.

CleverReach Adding Contacts feature

It’s never been easier to contact the right people. With a few clicks, you can get in touch with decision-makers and influencers at companies of all sizes. And because we’re constantly adding new contacts, your list will never be outdated or incomplete. 

You’ll have access to every employee at each company, so finding the one person who has the power to make decisions is easy. 

But with so many contacts at every company, how can you be sure you’re connecting with people who matter? That’s where our power search comes in handy. It allows you to narrow your results by over ten fields, including job title, industry, and company size. 

No other database gives you such granular control when searching for contacts. So if you’re looking for decision-makers or influencers only, we’ve got your back.

CleverReach Tracking & Statistics

Tracking & Statistics

CleverReach offers a complete suite of tracking and analytical tools that provide data such as social shares, traffic sources, content performance, page views, conversion rates, and more. All of this data is then compiled into easy-to-read reports for you to make informed decisions about the progress of your content marketing strategy. 

In addition to a complete dashboard, CleverReach also offers an impressive list of features that will help you easily track your content marketing strategy. These features include social sharing analytics, post-performance analysis, and content calendar management. 

The great thing about these features is they’re all seamlessly connected, so you don’t need to navigate between several different dashboards to make use of them all. Simply put, CleverReach has it all!

CleverReach Fast Processing 

The application contains features of a sleek structure with many help buttons that provide explanations right away. 

With the Lite plan, you can manage up to 250 recipients and send 1,000 emails without paying anything. You do not need to enter into a contract in order to use any tariffs.

CleverReach Newsletter production

Cleverreach Newsletter

CleverReach has the best editor that keeps you under the control of technology. The editor uses a drag-and-drop method that, for the most part, works rather well. Despite this, there is clearly potential for growth. 

For instance, the editor as a whole does not have an “Undo” feature. The simultaneous usage of the font size indicators “pt,” “em,” and “px” might be perplexing. When formatting text, you might have to spend a little more time on this.

You can design your own free newsletter in just a few minutes with our drag & drop editor in CleverReach. 

CleverReach GDPR-compliant Email Marketing 

GDPR-compliant email marketing 

CleverReach is a great email marketing tool for small businesses. It’s easy and affordable. Plus, it helps you track your emails, so you can see which ones get opened and clicked on the most! If you’re looking for an effective way to build relationships with your audience, this is the right tool. You also have access to all sorts of analytics that allow you to create better marketing campaigns. 

It is probably the best email marketing tool in the industry. When it comes to data protection, CleverReach puts you on the safe side: You can send emails using our newsletter service while adhering to the GDPR.

For email marketing, CleverReach adheres to the strictest data security standards. Because of this, we only keep data on our secure servers in the EU and Germany.

A/B split testing, autoresponders, one-off and ongoing campaigns, RSS campaigns, and follow-up campaigns are examples of campaigns.

CleverReach Building Good Connections

In comparison to other marketing tools, newsletters are a great and highly cost-effective way to connect with and remain in touch with your clients. 

This email marketing software assists you both simply and thoroughly. You can Create and design targeted emails, establish enduring ties using our newsletter tool, and fortify your important client relationships. This is how you win over devoted followers of your brand.

Through CleverReach, workflows can be created utilizing the THEA automation center, but they are regrettably still distinct from regular campaigns. However, there are several capabilities available, including follow-up campaigns and tagging, and purchases can be added to these workflows.

CleverReach Responsive Email Templates

CleverReach has the best design and responsive templates. The “Design Templates” category has about 60 already created responsive template designs. 

In addition to this, you can choose from a number of simple templates in the “Responsive” category to utilize to create your own designs.

Explore our freely editable newsletter templates to make your email unique to your brand. You can easily build expert newsletter templates for your company using the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

Cleverreach responsive email templates

CleverReach also provides you with a selection of design templates, Taking a cue from the pre-made templates and selecting one that is appropriate for your sector. 

Naturally, all templates are responsive, ensuring that your newsletter will appear great on all end devices.

CleverReach Pros & Cons: CleverReach Drawbacks

Lists are limited in size

One hundred thousand subscribers per list max. After this number, one has to purchase new lists or segments. 

There is also a 2 GB file upload limit on file attachments (pictures). To see who opened an email message or clicked on links, one must have an analytics program installed on their computer. 

The analytics software cost is not included in the subscription price and will range from $1-10/per month, depending on how many accounts you need to track. Creating more than two segments without upgrading your account is impossible. 

However, there is no limit on the number of lists you can create once upgraded, so long as they do not exceed 100k subscribers each.

Very few stats

Less number of stats are given on whether or not one’s emails have been opened, and links clicked on. The only statistics provided are total email views, links viewed, bounce rate, and unsubscribe percentage. 

No way is given to track individual links or even particular email addresses through their subscriptions list (and while they claim that doing so would overload their servers, it just seems like an excuse).

CleverReach Pricing: Comparison of the plans?

Here is the pricing offered by CleverReach in various plans:-Check out the CleverReach pricing in detail.

In CleverReach, Up to 1,000 monthly emails and 250 recipients are included in the free Lite Plan that you can use. In the basic plan, with Up to 250 recipients, unlimited email sending is Perfect for email automation with its Premium features.

In the Essential Plan of CleverReach, you can send unlimited emails, Up to 250 recipients with an unrestricted email-sending process. This plan is an excellent approach to email automation; includes premium features.

Flex Plan consists of 24 euros each month and 44 euros once a month. You can send Up to 1,000 emails with a 50% monthly payment discount. You can get an unlimited number of recipients in this plan and the ability to keep using old emails. Also, it includes premium features like other plans. 

CleverReach offers an Enterprise plan in which up to 300,000 emails are allowed, and there is no limit on the number of recipients. There is also a monthly limit on new emails, and premium features are also available in this plan. 

CleverReach: Review, Pricing & Features - The ultimate guide 1

Affiliate Program for CleverReach

CleverReach Affiliate Program

Do you already work as an affiliate professional or wish to? We are delighted to explain why it is advantageous for you to promote CleverReach’s email marketing program as a CleverFiliate.

CleverReach allows you to choose what you want for your business. You may make a 20% commission by signing up with the CleverReach affiliate program. Also, You may profit financially from it. 

When you join them, the rate of commission is 10%. When you bring more sales, you’d earn 20% commission. To get the funds, you must achieve a minimum of $250. PayPal and wire transfers are acceptable forms of payment.

Top 5 benefits of becoming a CleverFiliate!

  • Payment of lifetime commissions.
  • On request, tracking without cookies.
  • Sixty-day cookie period.
  • By deep link generator deep links.
  • 30% maximum commission (highest commission on the market).

CleverReach Alternatives

Check out the below table to see CleverReach alternatives and their price comparison:-

Server Price Free Emails
MailchimpPlans start from Free to $9.24 per month2500 monthly emails with up to 500 contacts, email support for the first 30 days.
SendinblueFrom Free to $25/month300 emails/daily to unlimited contacts.
Elastic EmailFree trial plan to $15/month for up to 5,000 contactsYou can send 100 emails/day in the trial plan.
Constant Contact60-Day Free Trial To $9.99/monthFREE emails are limited for up to 100 unique contacts per campaign.
PepipostThe plan varies from Free to $13.3/moUnlimited Mails up to 500 contacts for the 1st month.
GetresponsePlans start from FREE to $15.58 per monthUnlimited Mails to 500 contacts/per month
ConvertKitFrom Free to $9/month for up to 300 subscribersSend unlimited emails free for 300 subscribers only. 


CleverReach is a respectable option for customers sending little and large volumes of emails due to the vast range of capabilities it offers. Working with this newsletter tool is generally easy and simple.


1. When I discontinue my pricing plan, will you terminate my account?

No, until you specifically request that we close your account for you, your report will remain active.

2. How can I settle a pending invoice?

Please check your payment choices first if a payment is unsuccessful or the payment reminder does not get through to you. You may pay your invoice by clicking [Pay].
Your payment will be automatically transmitted if you choose SEPA or payment by credit card.

3. Who are the primary CleverReach user groups?

CleverReach is a dedicated client-focused email marketing solution for large corporations, experts, and specialists like digital marketing agencies, as well as novices and SMEs.

4. Are there any other apps that CleverReach integrates with?

You can either use our API to create your own custom integration or link directly to a growing number of well-known CMS, CRM, and store systems.