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Mailchimp Vs Others: Market Share Of Mailchimp Vs Others !!

Anyone who is in the email marketing domain has heard about Mailchimp. It is the most popular email marketing platform in the world right now. If you are reading this article we assume you must have heard about Mailchimp and you just want to know how popular the service is compared to other email marketing services?.

We have used Mailchimp for many years and they have really evolved in their features and product as a whole. Mailchimp is a dominant player in the American ecosystem and caters to almost every need that arises in the email marketing ecosystem. Let’s compare it to other email marketing players and discuss their market share.

We will cover the following topics in this blog –

What Is The Market Share Of Mailchimp?

A study conducted by Datanyze claims that Mailchimp controls around 62.23% of the market share. That’s Massive !! Yeah even I couldn’t believe it at once.

The next biggest player in email marketing is Constant Contact which owns just 8.69%. The fun fact is Constant Contact was founded in 1995 while Mailchimp was founded in 2001. Constant Contact had a lead of almost 6 years but still, Mailchimp has made its mark in the industry and its plans are widely resonated by

Now you must be thinking what did Mailchimp actually did that gave just huge leverage over its counterpart? We have covered everything in this Mailchimp Vs Constant Contact comparison. If you want to know what Mailchimp did right so that it got so big, we covered this in this part.

According to BuiltWith, almost 1,616,919 live websites use Mailchimp currently. Below is the chart by BuiltWith that shows how Mailchimp has performed over the years –

Mailchimp Vs Others: Market Share Of Mailchimp Vs Others !! 1

How Many Global Searches Does it Get a Month?

To figure out this and put Mailchimp against other major email marketing players we used Ahrefs to figure out the search volume for these different players. So that we can figure out what is the market share these players control.

Mailchimp Vs Others: Market Share Of Mailchimp Vs Others !! 2
Mailchimp Vs Others: Market Share Of Mailchimp Vs Others !! 3
Mailchimp Vs Others: Market Share Of Mailchimp Vs Others !! 4
Mailchimp Vs Others: Market Share Of Mailchimp Vs Others !! 5
  • Aweber Global Searches – 73k
Mailchimp Vs Others: Market Share Of Mailchimp Vs Others !! 6
Mailchimp Vs Others: Market Share Of Mailchimp Vs Others !! 7

Biggest Mailchimp’s Competitors Available Today?

Constant Contact is the biggest competitor available today when you look at the United States market, with around 8.69% of the market share. Which is just a fraction of what Mailchimp owns (62.23%). Sendinblue is third biggest competitor when you look at the global searches. Sendinblue is a French player that is trying to penetrate the American market. Check out our Mailchimp vs Sendinblue blog to know why Sendinblue might overpass constant contact to become the second biggest Mailchimp competitor.

Here are top 5 Mailchimp competitors –

  1. Sendinblue – 9000 free emails/Mo (FREE PLAN) Review | Pricing | Alternatives | Coupons
  2. Constant Contact – 10,000 free emails Review | Pricing | Alternatives | Coupons
  3. Mailer Lite – 12000 free emails/Mo (FREE PLAN)
  4. Aweber – Email Automation, Basic list segmentation (FREE PLAN)
  5. Active Campaign – Email Automation, Basic list segmentation ($15/Month)

User Analysis Of Mailchimp?

We analyzed the Mailchimp’s annual report for 2020 to figure out the user base of MailChimp –

  • Mailchimp has 14 Million users
  • 14,606 new users signing up every weekday
  • 333,635,013,935 emails send by Mailchimp customers in 2020
  • 55 different languages were used in emails sent through Mailchimp – the five most common are English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Portuguese

How Much Money Are Mailchimp Users Making?

Mailchimp customers in 2020 got 515,360,614 e-commerce orders which generated a whopping 61 billion dollars in revenue.

You must be amazed by reading the above statistics and might be thinking if email marketing, in reality, is such a big market?. Read our email marketing statistics report to understand the power of email marketing and why it is one of the most promising platforms to market your product? generate leads etc.

How Does Mailchimp’s Revenue Look Over The Years?

Here are the estimates for Mailchimp revenue over the years-

  • 2020 – $750 Million
  • 2019 – $700 Million
  • 2018 – $600 Million
  • 2017 – $525 Million
  • 2016 – $400 Million

How Did Mailchimp Get so Big?

Now when you compare Mailchimp vs other players you see a huge difference in market share, you must be wondering what might be the reason that Mailchimp is so ahead of its competitors? As we ourselves were wondering about the same, so we researched about this and found the answer hidden in founder Ben Chestnut’s comments to the New York Times where he explains that Mailchimp’s success stems from the fact that it had “a proximity to its customers that its competitors lacked.”

“Mailchimp was itself a small business, it understood what those businesses wanted out of their marketing tools. Its offerings were cheaper, it added features more quickly, and it allowed greater customizations to fit customers’ needs.”

Ben Chestnut

Now when you combine this with a generous free plan, innovative features, great logo, and brand marketing strategy you get amazing results like capturing 62% of the entire market results.

Mailchimp has a very easy-to-use editor and offers some of the most sophisticated automation workflows in the market. With its all in one marketing software that caters to diversified industries like –

  • Developers
  • Bloggers
  • Agencies etc.

Mailchimp Market Share: Conclusion & Future Course

Hope you got all your answers regarding the email marketing titan, any guesses about what next features Mailchimp will bring out to captivate more subscribers?

Stay tuned to this blog for more exciting news on Mailchimp and it’s future plans.

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