MailerLite Vs ConvertKit – Complete Comparison!

When weighing MailerLite vs Convertkit, you’re in good company. Both of these email marketing tools are relatively new compared to the industry leader, and most businesses seeking a tool for their digital efforts find themselves wondering which is better: simple or flexible? What companies need from an email marketing platform will vary from one to the next. Some digital endeavours – especially those that are just starting out – may be looking for as many features as they can afford. In contrast, others that have been around a while prefer options they can turn on/off when they don’t think they’ll be using them soon enough to justify paying for them monthly. 

Ultimately, consumers seeking an email marketing tool mustn’t be drawn in by “bells and whistles” because, before long, costs can become overwhelming if you don’t understand how every feature works or perhaps you require things you didn’t end up needing month after month!

Both MailerLite and ConvertKit offer robust email marketing services that are perfect for those looking for a modern way to connect with their audience. If you’re interested in MailerLite vs ConvertKit, we’ll help you determine which tool works for your business by looking at each option’s details.

This head-to-head comparison will tell you exactly how each tool matches up to its competitor.

MailerLite vs ConvertKit: Which One Wins

MailerLite and ConvertKit are both email marketing solutions that claim to be perfect for startups. However, how do they perform? MailerLite is a simple but complete program with an intuitive interface and basic editing tools, built for business owners looking to create their email templates. If you’re interested in reading more about Mailerlite, head over to our blog and check it out.

ConvertKit has been designed specifically for content creators who wish to present themselves as brands online through various forms.

Let’s go into further details about both software programs and see how they work.

  1. Automation Features
  2. Spam Email Testing and Responsiveness
  3. Editor and Ease of Use
  4. Deliverability Rate
  5. Design and Flexibility
  6. Landing Page Builder
  7. Integrations Feature
  8. Reporting System
  9. Support System
  10. Pricing Plans: MailerLite vs Convertkit

Automation Features

Choosing the right email marketing software is crucial, and fortunately, with MailerLite and ConvertKit, you’re getting a choice of spots you could feasibly relax. Here’s some more info on email marketing automation.

MailerLite’s visual workflow editor is included on its free plan! However, if you decide to upgrade to one of MailerLite’s paid plans, they include many more features. When it comes to ConvertKit, you have to pay for the automation feature.

Another feature of Convertkit is that although its automation feature is paid, it provides workflow-based visual automation features, tags for communications customizing and email sequences creation features. Hence, we can say that both software products are best in their automation features and both win in the MailerLite vs ConvertKit automation feature review.

Spam Email Testing and Responsiveness

The MailerLite allows its users to preview their emails on both desktops and mobile, allowing you to check the responsiveness of your emails. While with Convertkit, you cannot preview your emails on mobile. This is because Convertkit only offers desktop preview options to its users. Moreover, Convertkit and MailerLite do not provide spam testing features and only flag the emails having links that can cause the mail to become spam. As both do not offer spam testing features, so none of the software wins.

Editor and Ease of Use

Both ConvertKit vs MailerLite are easy to set up, but MailerLite has a leg up here because it also happens to have tooltips that guide you along every step of the way. When it comes to creating emails for your campaigns, MailerLite also offers more functionality in its editor. It has an easy-to-use visual editor, and users can access most of the features from the dashboard. MailerLite also wins in terms of creating emails. ConvertKit’s editor is also easy to use, but it is straightforward with a few features.

Deliverability Rate

The email marketer you choose must be reliable and competent. It’s incredibly important to note that the email tool you choose has great deliverability. With regard to deliverability rate, MailerLite has higher deliverability than Convertkit.

Design and Flexibility

When it comes to the editors’ design and Flexibility of the editors and the software as a whole, MailerLite wins. MailerLite has a user-friendly and flexible drag-and-drop editor. They also offer design and content block options. Moreover, when you avail of the paid plans, you will get 74 pre-designed templates that are easy to customize using the editor. You can also create your templates from scratch with the drag and drop editor. 

On the other hand, Convertkit comes with a simple text-based editor, which is not very flexible. Also, Convertkit offers only simple text email templates, and you need to have CSS/HTML knowledge for editing templates using Convertkit’s editor. The templates in Convertkit come with a few customization options such as colours, button styles and font change options. 

Landing Page Builder

MailerLite and Convertkit both offer landing page builders in their free plans. They offer different features than each other. MailerLite provides the feature to add more elements for the purpose of increasing engagement and conversion. You can add elements like image carousels, quizzes, videos, and testimonials. Furthermore, MailerLite offers more landing page templates.

Convertkit, on the other hand, does not offer the option of adding elements or moving the elements. It only allows users to change the fonts, colours, and styles. Again, MailerLite is better than Convertkit. 

Integrations Feature

Both MailerLite and ConvertKit offer plenty of integration options. ConvertKit provides a total of 90 integration options. With Convertkit, you can integrate WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Sumo, Stripe, ConvertPlug, Zapier, etc. However, it offers some less seamless integrations, for which you have to use provided HTML code.

MailerLite offers access to developer API and many integration options such as WordPress, Zapier, Shopify, and more. 

Reporting System

MailerLite offers reports for opens, unsubscribes, clicks and devices being used. It does not provide any report regarding email client stats and social media. With MailerLite, users can also track WooCommerce and Shopify purchases. ConvertKit is pretty simple and does not offer any dashboard for overall stats display. Users must see stats for specific emails, clicks, open rates and unsubscribes. 

Support System

The customer support system of both software is good. They offer both email and chat support and provide tutorials and guides in the form of articles for self-help purposes. MailerLite support system has a few customer service representatives who provide detailed responses. ConvertKit’s support system is also fantastic, and their representatives are quite knowledgeable and responsive. Here is a close tie between the two software. 

Pricing Plans: MailerLite vs Convertkit

Mailerlite offers a free account with a limit of 12,000 emails and five landing pages. Also, they have a $10 add-on that will give you unlimited landing pages, websites and domains. If you’d like to explore Mailerlite pricing plans, please read our blog post.

ConvertKit has the same free account but allows unlimited emails, forms, and landing pages. Both companies have additional paid plans you can upgrade to once your subscriber list rises in number.

If you’re looking for premium templates, live chat support and stats, MailerLite has what you are looking for – and they are very affordable. If you want something to sell more than just digital products and subscriptions, ConvertKit’s paid plans may be what you need! 

Let’s check Convertkit vs MailerLite plans:




Free Plan

1,000 subscribers

1,000 subscribers

2,500 subscribers

$15 per month

$49 per month for 3,000 subscribers

5,000 subscribers

$30 per month

$79 per month

10,000 subscribers

$50 per month

$119 per month

25,000 subscribers

$50 per month

$199 per month

50,000 subscribers

$210 per month

$379 per month

100,000 subscribers

$360 per month

$679 per month

As you can see, the pricing plans of MailerLite are much more affordable than Convertkit; thus, MailerLite is the winner.


So that’s our MailerLite vs ConvertKit comparison. Other than that, MailerLite is an excellent choice for business owners and marketers who want to send Newsletters, while ConvertKit caters more to those who are creators. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want detailed pricing plans, you can check our detailed pricing plans reviews of email marketing tools.

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