ActiveCampaign Pricing Guide – A Comprehensive Review Of The Pricing Model

ActiveCampaign pricing model is a little different from most email marketing platforms. Moreover, it has been designed to be completely flexible and customizable, catering to the budgets of individual businesses.


The pricing model of ActiveCampaign is quite simple and straightforward. You can choose from four different plans, depending on your needs. The price of each plan also depends on the number of contacts you have in your database, which makes it easier to select the right plan for your business.


A new user might wonder how ActiveCampaign works and how it offers so many features. The answer lies in the pricing structure of its plans. This article will break down ActiveCampaign’s pricing model.

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How Much Does ActiveCampaign Cost? Everything You Need To Know

ActiveCampaign offers four plans: 

  1. Lite: pricing starts from $9 per month,
  2. Plus: from $49 per month,
  3. Professional: from $149/month and
  4. Enterprise: from $259/month.
ActiveCampaign Pricing

All of ActiveCampaign’s plans include a campaign editor, marketing automation, templates, seamless integration and business automation. Higher plans add features like lead scoring and CRMs. There is no setup fee to get started. To learn more about email automation, check out this article.

While the service doesn’t offer a free plan, you can at least try it for free for the first 14 days. In fact, while some might say that it’s a problem, others might see this as an opportunity to try before they buy. Either way, there is an option available regarding the possibility of testing out the plans without paying anything throughout the duration of the trial period. And once you decide to go with a paid plan, one can even take advantage of their free migration offer. 

Detailed Pricing for ActiveCampaign Plans

To help you decide which package is best, here is a breakdown of each individual plan.


Lite Plan

The Plus Plan

The Professional Plan

Enterprise Plan







Landing Page Editor


Social Media Integration

Templates and Design Editor

Reporting & Segmentation

Advanced Forms (Modals, Floating Bar & Box)


Only basic





Sends SMS

Custom Domain

Newsletter Inbox Preview


Free 5/month

Free 5/month


Custom SMS Sending Number





API and Web Hooks

Migration Services

Email & Live Chat Support

Shows ActiveCampaign Logo





Attribution Metrics

On-site Messages

Social Data




Phone Support and Personalised Help





1 to 1 training

1 month

3 months


Uptime warranty

The ActiveCampaign plans based on the contacts list size are:

Number of Users

Pricing Plan

500 Users





1000 Users





2500 Users





5000 Users





10,000 Users





25,000 Users





50,000 Users





100,000 Users







Conversations is an additional premium feature offered by ActiveCampaign. As an add-on, it allows you to have two-way conversations with subscribers via chat and email, and everything is stored in a unified inbox. It can be availed with all the plans.

Pricing and Plans in Brief

Here is a brief summary of the ActiveCampaign prices and its plans:

The Lite Plan: This is a great choice for small teams. It only allows three users. However, it comes with most of the powerful design options, email automations, and social media integration that you’ll find on more expensive products. So you’re getting a lot of value in this product without having to pay a premium price.

You have to keep in mind that Lite doesn’t remove ActiveCampaign logos from customer forms. But if you add your form via HTML, this won’t be an issue. They don’t offer phone support because they only offer live chat and email support.

The Plus Plan: This upgrade is best used by companies with 25 clients or more to help them manage their customers under their care. Clients also have access to a landing page editor tool, as well as being able to send SMS messages to their customers directly. Furthermore, this purchase includes 1 month of 1-to-1 training that gives users the know-how on how to take advantage of ActiveCampaign.

The Professional Plan: Starting at $149 a month is a big increase, but it comes with important benefits. The 50 user accounts are likely more than you need. However, in addition to 50 user accounts, it comes with the ability to show tailored website messages and an in-depth attribution analysis.

The Enterprise Plan: This plan comes with unlimited users and only the highest end features like the ability to customise your own mail server domain. You also gain access to a custom phone number for phone support, sending SMS, unlimited one-on-one training and a dedicated account manager who will always be there for you in both strategy consulting and to assist you with issues.

Wrapping Up!

The Lite plan offered at $9 a month may be off-putting to some people as it isn’t free and that might make them see ActiveCampaign as expensive. However, when looking for ways to cut costs on marketing for your business using email, you’ll find that the advanced features in this package could also seem intimidating if you’re new to email marketing campaigns. While there are cheaper offer available, it’s important to be aware that you’ll end up with a lot less features too (which can actually hinder your campaign) – making ActiveCampaign’s pricing relatively good value for what you get.

If your company is serious about email marketing, then we recommend ActiveCampaign. The software scales well, and larger companies can benefit from very advanced features, multi-platform support and personal training at a reasonable price.


What counts as a subscriber?

ActiveCampaign has a sophisticated system of keeping track of their subscribers in different categories. For example, “Active”, “Unconfirmed”, “Unsubscribed” and “Bounced”. 

What happens if I exceed my subscriber limit?

If you are over the limit on your account and start to run up against your contact limit, ActiveCampaign’s system that will send you emails every 15 days to warn you. It will not upgrade your account for you, but will prevent you from adding new contacts or creating new campaigns. 

Can I remove my subscribers?

ActiveCampaign has a handy engagement management tool that allows you to remove subscribers from your ActiveCampaign account who have never engaged with your emails or have not opened them for a certain period of time.

Do they offer any discounts for NGOs?

Yes, they offer about 20% off for NGOs.

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