Elastic Email Review – Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed

Elastic Email is a company that was started in 2010. It is an email marketing company based in Canada. They provide HTTP API, SMTP relay services. The interface that they provide is a complete package with lots of features and tools for managing contacts, lists, funnels, etc. They specialize in marketing emails and transactional emails. If you are not clear about the difference between transactional emails and marketing emails

Elastic Email home page

While I was researching elastic email online I made a very cool discovery regarding their claim about supporting 8 languages at once, yeah not kidding they support 8 different languages (English, Persian, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian). Also, they offer UNLIMITED EMAILS to 5000 contacts, they have recently changed this and you missed the opportunity earlier they were offering UNLIMITED emails to 10,000 contacts.

I think I got your attention and piqued your interest, we are going to cover some of the following aspects of elastic email –

  1. Elastic Email Review
  2. SMTP.com Review
  3. Elastic Email Features
  4. Elastic Email Pricing
  5. Elastic Email Alternatives
  6. How to integrate Elastic Email SMTP with your WordPress site 
  7. Conclusion 

Elastic Email Review: User-friendly?

Elastic Email has a comfortable, colorful user experience that feels decent to the eyes. They have covered all the core features needed for email marketing. It is ideally tailored for small and medium-sized firms that have a need to deliver loads of emails at pocket-friendly rates.

In case you’re looking for a more premium tool, you must go ahead with SMTP to find out superior email delivery solutions and enhanced control over your email communication.

SMTP (Premium Tool – 50,000 emails/mo in just $25)

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SMTP.com is a platform that caters to all your transaction, email relay, and email delivery needs at a very affordable price. With decades of experience, SMTP.com is regarded as the most trusted sender in the industry by ISPs. SMTP.com has been trusted by over 100,000 customers over the years.

SMTP.com is extremely intuitive and easy to set up. It can be integrated seamlessly into your current business system. If you need to migrate from another provider, SMTP.com makes it effortless.


● Dedicated IP

Email API: Integrating SMTP.com with your business can be easy with the email API feature. They have complete API documentation on their website that can help you integrate your business in just 5 minutes.

● 24×7 Customer Support: The round-the-clock support is one of the best features of SMTP.com. Support is available both on the website and also for paid customers. 24×7, all human support is available for all customers across all plans. No third party is involved and solutions are provided fast for easy implementation. Online chat support is also available for those who are looking for more information about SMTP.com

● High Volume Sending Solutions: This newly launched feature is great for those businesses who want to send more than 250 million emails a month. Customized quotations and solutions are available.

● Reputation Defender: This is an add-on feature that helps clean up your email lists. It doesn’t need any integration but actively monitors your lists and provides a report.


SMTP.com offers affordable delivery services and caters to all kinds of businesses. Their plans range from $25 to $500 and above. The best part about this platform is that all the features are available in all the plans. The prices change only based on the volume of emails sent monthly. Even with the lowest price pack, users can get access to 24×7 customer support and all the SMTP tools. The Reputation Defender for list cleaning is an add-on feature available for all users.

Now back to reviewing Elastic email features:-

Elastic Email Features

Here we have analyzed the pros and cons of elastic emails and explored some of its major features –

Elastic Email Pros

  1. Templates –  Elastic Email provides a free design gallery. They have very diverse templates, and I’m sure you’ll find what you want or need. They have over 100 pretty templates to pick from. Elastic Email Review – Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed 2
    Elastic Email Review – Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed 3
  2. Forms – Elastic Email provides ready to download forms for websites. You can select from a wide variety of template forms. You’ll undoubtedly find something that goes with your brand image.
elastic email forms
  1. Editor – With an elastic email editor the biggest advantage is you can include gifs and images in your emails. They provide a very easy-to-use flexible editor.
  2. Analytics – Without great analytics, a business cannot survive. Elastic Email keeps the need of businesses in mind and offers many useful functionalities like open rate, clicks, bounces, etc.
  3. Email API – Users can integrate email delivery into a website or application or use SMTP relay from their own self-hosted marketing tools. Users can use WebHooks to integrate. We understand the importance of seamless integration and reliable communication tools. That’s why we recommend exploring our selection of robust email APIs tailored to suit your business needs. In particular, you can use more premium email API solutions to ensure secure and efficient email delivery, enabling you to effortlessly manage communication channels with your clients and stakeholders.
  4. Pocket Friendly – With a number of platforms providing the same services, price becomes a differentiating factor between various providers. Elastic Email offers prices that are one of the best in the market and are pocket friendly as well. The detailed pricing is discussed in the next section. Or you can just jump right in on the elastic email pricing here
  5. Security – With an increase in hacking and phishing emails, businesses thrive for a provider which ensures them that their data is fully secured and protected. With Elastic Email, you need not worry about your content as the business takes care of it. Elastic Email provides two-factor authentication which acts as a secure way of doing your transaction.

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Elastic Email Cons 

  1. Support Team – Due to the small team size, responses can be delayed and not appropriate, but the company has realized it and working on it.
  2. Spam Issues – Some users have faced issues with mail coming into the spam folder.

Check our our article on Free SMTP Servers & How to use them. And for those who do not know what is SMTP here is one for you.

Elastic Email Pricing

Elastic Email Review – Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed 4

Elastic Email provides very competitive pricing probably the best in the section. Pay as you use- no minimums, no commitments. Pricing is done on the number of contacts added and you can send unlimited emails. The best plan which we liked was you can send unlimited emails to 5000 contacts.

If you are a company that sends tons of emails and is tight on budget, then you don’t need to look further.

Pricing for Email Marketing services

Email marketing plans are as follows-

Send Unlimited Emails to 5,000 contacts per month at $15.
Send Unlimited Emails to 10,000 contacts per month at $35
Send Unlimited Emails to 20,000 contacts per month at $60
Send Unlimited Emails to 30,000 contacts per month at $90
Send Unlimited Emails to 50,000 contacts per month at $145
Send Unlimited Emails to 75,000 contacts per month at $220
Send Unlimited Emails to 1,00,000 contacts per month at $265

Elastic Email Review – Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed 5

Pro Services charges are slightly more.

Pricing for Email API services:

Pricing for Email API services

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Elastic Email Alternatives

Check out the below table to see Elastic Email alternatives and their price comparison.

ServerPriceFree Emails
SendinBluePlans vary from FREE to $65 per month9,000 emails in 1st month limited to 300 daily
PepipostThe plan starts from Free to $349/mo30,000 emails for 1st month then 100 emails daily
GetResponseThe plan varies from Free to $13.3/moUnlimited Mails up to 500 contacts for the 1st month
MoosendFREE emails to $9 per month Send unlimited free emails to 1,000 subscribers
Google Gmail SMTP500 FREE emails daily to $6 per month FREE 500 emails daily
Mailgun FREE mail to $35 Free 5,000 emails per month for 3 months
Constant ContactThe plan varies from Free to $9.99/moLimited emails can be sent to 100 unique contacts per campaign.

There’s one more premium alternative to Elastic Email that you can consider:


Elastic Email has been in business for almost a decade with a client base in different geographies.

The company provides white lists, marketing campaigns, blacklists, customer statistics analysis,  template design, and many benefits at low costs. Pricing is one of the things which makes it attractive and pays as much as you use it.

The company has acknowledged its mistake and working on it. Need to work on upcoming functionalities like automation, SMS services, etc.

If you require core email marketing functionalities at effective prices, then blindly go for Elastic Email.

General FAQ

What is Elastic Email?

Elastic Email is an all-in-one email delivery platform, established in 2010. They offer a buffet of robust HTTP API, SMTP Relay, and a User Interface that has a complete suite of features and tools for campaigns, templates, managing contacts, and reports with a specialty in marketing email and delivering transactional.

Elastic Email Pricing?

Elastic Email provides pocket-friendly prices. It charges on the number of contacts. Users pay as much as they use. Pricing can go from $10 for 10,000 contacts to $1,000 for 1 million contacts. For $110 you to send unlimited emails to 10,000 contacts.

Is Elastic Email Free?

Elastic Email gives you a trial plan in which you can send 6000 free emails per month with a daily limit of 200. Also If you wish to pay $10 then you can send free unlimited emails to 10000 subscribers.